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Frozen VS Fresh

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Obviously butcher direct cuts are by far the preffered way the go...What do you think about the 10pnd frozen rib boxes that you can get at the grocer occasionally? Definitely not the freshest but are they worthwhile for the price? $10 for 10pnds??
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Yes in my opinion. I've bought plenty of frozen meats with no problem. Listen, if you by cyropac stuff, it's usually frozen, thawed then put out for sale. Try one, if it turns out bad, well you're only out $10.
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I agree with FlaGriller, give it a try. I would let them thaw slowly in the fridge, don't set them out or nuke-em to defrost
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I agree for $1 per pound, you can't go wrong in trying...........unless it is those damn danish ribs.........I hate those things. PDT_Armataz_01_27.gif
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where can these things be located ? what store? i'd do it.
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I buy them al the time. The butcher tells me they are the same ribs that are out on the trays, only defrosted. I have never had any bad experiences with the boxed frozen ribs. Here is a pic of some ribs I bought (10#-$10) frozen, then I had them in the freezer for a month. Theyre just about thawed, look pretty good to me.
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Brilliant...I figured they'd be fine, and for the price why not...I agree about those DaneFoods ribs..I bought a box of those about 6 years ago and grilled them. Tasted like roadkill mopped with formaidehyde...NASTY!PDT_Armataz_01_07.gif
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ditto. For a buck a pound what u got to loose. Bad meat smoked is better than no smoked meat at allwink.gif
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Is this a left coast thing only? Never heard of it on the right coast... confused.gif
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I'm with you Hawg, we never seem to get deals like that here. I had a heck of a time just trying to find a Boston Butt. It's like if we didn't have Sam's we would be doomed.
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Yeah, I agree... Sams or BJ's. It's a shame, butt what ya' gonna do... PDT_Armataz_01_23.gif
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Hey I have an idea, let's just take a road trip up to see Debi. I hear she has plenty of food!!!!
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I'm in! Ya' think she'll do autographs? She has become one of my heros...
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swollen head warning in CT

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Must be a left coast thing we don't get anything for $1/lb up here!

Your welcome anytime guys! I got two little chest freezers full of smoked meat, sausages, pastrami, bacons, lunchmeat but no briskets! icon_rolleyes.gif

I don't know about autograpghs Hawg but I got some big ole Italain hugs waiting for ya come October! You just goota lean over cuz I'm short! You still going to Summer Lake?
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jessie50- tell us more..we need coals(not dirt)....
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I'm planning on it, the bug has been planted... we have ALOT of family stuff going on right now, plus that is the season of multiple grandkid birthdays, so it will all depend on how things pan out. I'm keeping my fingers crossed... I want a "big ole Italian hug"!
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Uh Oh now I'm in trouble! cool.gif
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All this praise is making DeeJay almost unbearable to live with. icon_lol.gif

Not really she does icon_redface.gif alot though. LOL
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I try to buy my meat fresh cut from the butcher shop, but I have to admit that I have bought alot of frozen ribs in my day.

And to tell the truth, it is pretty hard to tell the difference in the end.
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