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gas smoker for side dishes

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i was thinking about this for doing side dishes & a warmer for caterings,etc. who has 1 & whats your opinion ? anything i should know- as far as temp. variances etc. ? p.s.i know about the latch problems so that is an issue.
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Sounds like a fine idea to me. I started with one and then got the CG. I use the GOSM for Wicked beans, ABTs, etc. Very useful to have, plus I know I can use it most of the winter.

Hope this helps!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Looks like a great idea, I know the GOSM would work very is what i have.
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the main issues are-
1. carting this thing around-i'd definitely get a dolly.
2. i've read the door does't seal right on most units.
3. maintaining low temps just for warming
4. size-i do have the 2 s-n-p offsets.
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If you can spring the extra bucks you may want to conside a Camp Chef Smoke Vault. No latching problems and maintaining a low temperature isn't an issue. I'd agree that a dolly would be needed if you want to move it around. It's 85 lbs and the way the handles are situated put a lot of stree on your back lifting it.
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I can't tell what brand/model it is. But, it an absolutly brilliant idea, and I know because that's exactally what I got my verticle for.PDT_Armataz_01_14.gif I got the BBQ Grillware at Lowes and am loving it. When I want to do sides or something quick like chix breasts, boom done. And the temp on mine is pretty accurate and have no problem adjusting it. door seal tight.

Go for it!
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it's a brinkman 810-5501-0. the $59.00 wallyworld special.
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Go for it, mine was $139.00, and if you don't like it...Craigs List $39.99biggrin.gif
Besides, you can never have too many grills/smokers.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

Are you sure it's gas? I looked at it on the net and it says charcoal/wood.
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Dang gypsy I'm gonna sound like Big Al now you call yourself a Texan all we use in Texas is pure wood burners.
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but but but ... i was just gonna use it for a portable oven w/out the limitation of electricity.... it's not like i was gonna cook on the thing- lol
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Gypsy put wheels on the bugger. Just get the kind with locks. For that price heck get two!
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