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BBQ Galore!

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Having the family over today (Saturday) for a pool party/BBQ. Right now there's two 8 lb butts in ol' Gimpy (My Brinkmann vertical smoker - the tack welds on one of the legs broke, so she's propped up on bricks on one corner - a true Redneck smoker!!biggrin.gif ), and come about 6am in the morn, I'll be putting 5 racks of babybacks in the GOSM. Come noon, we eat!!PDT_Armataz_01_22.gif
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Sounds like a great feast is at hand!! Keep us posted!
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Will do. I've got the camera charged up and ready to take pics.
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With all that food you must have a large family. Can I join it? Sounds good! Love the bricks, make sure you picture it.
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Ooooo yummy! Glad you got the camera ready! Enjoy!
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It's not long til lunch time Mike.. Mike you awake??? Somebody wake Mike up his food is almost done and I'm Hungry!wink.gif
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Now I remember why I do this only once a year!

I'm still stuffed today from all of the good food yesterday! We had a great time and everybody loved the pulled pork and ribs. Even found time to smoke a fattie or two.icon_smile.gif The butts were the best I've done, and finished earlier than I had expected, which was good, because the ribs took much longer than I expected, but were worth the wait. Everyone loved using S.Fla Quer's vinegar finishing sauce on the pulled pork. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

Yep Vlap, I do have a big family, and sure you can join!

Funny you should mention that, Pigcicle. I got to bed around 1:30am Saturday morning, only to get up at 5am and get the ribs ready to go. Needless to say, I didn't have any trouble sleeping last night.wink.gif

OK, here's the pics as promised.
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...and here's the ribs

The wifey's not too fond of rubs, so I ended up doing three racks of ribs that were plain and two racks that I used the Rendezvouz seasoning before I smoked them. I also used the Rendezvous seasoning on one of the plain racks after smoking to make a Memphis-style dry BBQ rack. Everyone loved the seasoning (well, everyone except the wifey!)icon_smile.gif
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Yum! I just had breakfast, and now I want ribs!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Good job there Mike!
Lokks like you had a good feast!
Got me wanting to do a smoke!
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Looks great Mike.
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