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Im in

i would like to submit my first smoke .. my brisket moist, tender, and good smoke ring ..not bad for a newbie..lol icon_biggrin.gif

Edited to add the TBS and what it was cooked on .. should have finished reading the rules.... no need to get tossed on a technicality.. thanks for the heads up...
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Ummmmmmmmmm perdy! Nice smoke ring ... almost drippingly juicey! Sweet!A+
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Not qualified. No TBS or equipment (liked to have seen) used.... Darn good Q-view though!
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OK another newbie here.
Pork shoulder pulled with Jeffs finishing sauce.
Brined whole chicken.
Plain Fatty.
Dutch's beans with pulled brisket.
Sweet potatoes.
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great lookin' grub there.
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My 21 hour 14.5brisket smoke

Done on a 3 burner gas grill

2 hours in

4 hours in

Just went it was pulled off

trimmed the fat off

some sliced, and the rest was pulled
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my entry 8-12-2007

we start of w/ my own secret rubbed ribs soaked overnight in beer, same w/ the italian sausages(i wasn't impressed w/ those-ahoulda stuck w/ bratts ),chix thighs soaked in white wine w/ uncle chris' steak seasoning,wrapped in bacon & stuffed w/ jalepeno jack cheese,garlic, a beef burger roll stuffed w/ lipton onion soup mix,fiesta fajita spice,& my smoked garlic paste(for spag sauce). a 2 lb fatty stuffed w/ my garlic paste,shredded chedder,& mild rotels)i tried to pinwheel it but the wax paper sucked so it ended up being a 4 spatula 21"(look @ the tape)special... abt's w/ garlic/greenonion/chive cream cheese- the bacon suckedso the wrapping wasn't pretty.. but a great mesquite flavor. it was all done w/ a blend of skeet,hickory, & sugar maple. the presentation platter went to our local lil' town store.. where i was durn near trampled & got business to smoke whole cuts for the deli counter & a few caterings(including the church across the street) how fortunate i showed up @ 6:15 after services & popped the foil in plain view..... icon_surprised.gif here's the pics just for this lil' contest. http://s178.photobucket.com/albums/w...his%20contest/
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This is gonna be one tough contest to judge!
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Thread Starter 
Yeppers... wicked tough.. but I'm liking the turn out so far. Keep that Q View coming!
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we should have some BC chicken in this too.

the metel set up is called "the twins" but you know how hard it is to find twin checkins? since they all look alikerolleyes.gif
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I'm in!

Better put me under the "seasoned category" and I'm not just talking "experience" ...lol..........where are we posting these pics?

Still hitting chat at 2 a.m., but alas you and everyone else must go to bed so damn early! Miss your chat!
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Right here in this very thread as stated in the first post in this thread. icon_redface.gif
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Our slogan. "It outta be outlawed"

Okay, so some may consider the ease and use of my smoker cheating.....and by golly, it sure is....lol..................

But while you guys are concentrating on temp, smoke, and who's cleaning the smoker next, I'm drinking more beer and dipping my cup in a bag o' woodchips every so often. Take that next time you want to go commercial!

I will tell you, I have NEVER met another chicken that can go to 190 degrees, tender as butter and still pees all over you when you go to grab em with a set of tongs! While this pic doesn't show the lovely finished color I get after smoking, it does show the temp climbing with the oven jam packed.....I'll get a pic with smoked color this weekend!
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p.s. i sat out there fer hours smokin'(not that stuff) ... didn't see 1 freakin' meteor.....skeeter bit fer nuthin' again.........
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Awesome grub as always Gypsy... WOOHOO!! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Great idea....Fire up those smokers....Thanks PigCicles..
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my entry 13/08/07

Guess I'll throw in the Schinkenspeck for consideration icon_mrgreen.gif the first is a pic of the product in the smoker, and the 3rd is after being netted with the netter shown,,the second is the internal view of the finished product and the last picture is of my little electric beauty spewwing her thin blue breath !!
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T-Bone, I saw that very smoker at Academy Sports about an hour ago. How do you like it?
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I must agree. The judging is going to be very tough. It all looks good!
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It's a great all around smoker,,,and now that I have a charcoal unit ,,It will mostly be used for bacon,hams ,fish and jerky because of the ease of use for temperature sensitive smoking...I love my little electric !
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