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As we wind down through the last week of the contest I'm wondering why I haven't seen any of our friends from across the water? Everyone is welcome to participate. So if you're out there just watching - go ahead and throw in some Q views. You just might win!

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forgot to show the finished abts
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got another entry i did yesterday
but will give the board abreak........hehehe
will post tomorrow

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Once we got you started, you really went to town!

Nice post!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Contest entry

What great pics, been thinking about BBQ since I started here a few weeks ago. Finally hauled the smoker out for Labor day and here's my newbie entry.
The equipment and results, turkey breast (brined), ribs, and beans. And my son stealing a rib from the kitchen and finally MY plate biggrin.gif ! Had a great time and it sure beat mowing the grass!. Wish I'd gotten a pic of the blackberry pie, though. Hope these come thru, haven't done this before.
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I see now that they may be a bit small. I can post larger if requested. But I forgot to say, notice my son's hat. Terps Rule!!! Thanks for giving me a reason to take pics of food, family thinks I've lost my mind.
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Gracious! I don't see how anyone can judge this conest without tasting the grub! Everything looks sooo darn good. Might have to have a category for each type of food and even then it's just too beauitful!
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I don't think we fully grasped the full scope of what would come out. But we have a system in place to narrow down to the winner. It still won't be easy... but I'm lovin' it.

Thanks for all the entries and comments so far. Time is running low so bring on the smoke!

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my last entry

beer up the butt of a chicken.....did it yesterday

tried to keep temps at 300*.......i have found that using Royal Oak charchol burns hotter and longer than kingsford......and WAY cheaper......didn't know this hobby could get as exspensive as my golf hobby......hehehehe

took water pan out after internal temps got to 165, and put it back in dry......really helped with crisping up the skin....sorry.....forgot who mentioned that trick.....but thankx

here.......chicken rubbed up using jeffs rub

chicken on its throne......sittin chicken.....LOLOL

used a darker beer.......and used the trick of a pan for the throne to sit in....thankx again to the folks here

money shot

finished product in the ecb

chicken plated.....talk bout falling of the bones

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Guess maybe I will put in a small entry before time runs out. Here's a couple of pics from this weekends smoke.
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but have to laugh........someone ELSE who's dates get off, when changing out batteries............

thought it was just me

also.....btw........nice rig......can't say much bout the cow head..... ")

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My entry!!! First q-views I have provided!

In hopes of achieving perfection I tried my hand with a pork shoulder this weekend. First Cooknfish fired up the smoker. Cowboy charcoal and hickory chuncks were used along with some pecan.
I think we might have gotten close to the right amount of smoke here.

The pork went in and after some time it adopted this beautiful look.

While it was working Mark and I worked on setting up some smoked stuff jalepeno's. Here we got the chiles in the smoker.

After some time passed it seemed as though the abt's were ready to come out of the smoker!

Here is another shot of them! My goodness they were tasty!!! Took longer to set them up then it did to eat them!

Upon reaching 190 we took the brisket out of the smoker and allowed it to rest. It was hard to resist the urge to slice right in.

After a rest I followed my urges and sliced right in. It was amazing how juicy the meat turned out. The bark was incredible. I was hungry!

Unfortunately this time the smoker was too full for the beans to go in there so I put them in the oven for a long cook. They came out incredible!

The meal assembled. Pork, Beans and grilled Corn on the cob!

A good bun and some bread and butter pickles finish out the plate. This shtuff was TASTY!

All in all a great day with great friends and great food!
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Posted under Pork Forum originally, but here is my newbie entry.

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Thanks for entering. Please re-read the rules and posts clarifying the rules (sorry for not being overly specific in the original post - we didn't have a fast speaking disclaimer voice). Posts #11 & #24 cover part of this. It's okay to post the pics in your own thread, but to qualify for this event, they must be duplicated here.

Links are allowed - but must be to a picture host - be it here on SMF or off site. Even if they are just links and don't show up as a picture as some hosts do for you - that is fine. Thanks.
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So in other words a link to another, "thread" that has the pics in it would be insufficient correct?
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That would be correct. The reason being is that we don't want to have to spend 3 days sorting through the posts and jumping from thread to thread to see the entries. Since most of the pictures will show up in this thread it makes it easier to find what we are looking for. Sorry for any inconvenience, but in the end if you win - you get something for the trouble.

Keep Smokin
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Oh well better luck next time. I tried to clarify that when this first started but I guess I wasn't clear.

Good luck to the rest of ya!
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still not to late to move the images here........contest for entry's doesn't end till this weekend

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Ya I'll try. I'm at work now and can't do it from here but I may be home Saturday to do it if thats not too late. No biggie.

Have fun all and good luck!
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Can anyone cooking on Lang actually be considered as a newbie? PDT_Armataz_01_22.gif
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