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I tried some hamburgers yesterday and they turned out pretty good. I used 90/10 ground beef and they ended up a little dry but still had a really good flavor to them. Had to finally bring my smoker home, wife was getting mad cause I was cooking for everyone at work!icon_mrgreen.gif
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I haven't tried doing burgers in the smoke yet, but I'd venture to say that maybe use ground beef that's a bit more fatty next time. Maybe spritzing them would help also...
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Well I did a meatloaf a few weeks ago and used 80/20 and it was a little too moist, of course that could have been from all the other stuff that went into the meatloaf. So I thought I would try a little leaner meat for the burgers. I'll try the burgers again and try a little fattier meat.
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I know it's really not re-inventing the wheel, but check out the thread below to how one person does his smoked, grilled, cheeseburgers...pictures are mouth watering.

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i smoked some hamburgers a couple of weeks ago. i used 73/27 beef, and they turned out good. i smoked them for 3 hours ( ithink it was), and finished them off in the oven. i made a thread in this section, titled "hamburgers and hotdogs".
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Maybe you could convince the company to pony up for a smoker. What a sweet deal! biggrin.gif
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I think one or two more smokes and I have the boss hooked! He has missed lunch both times so next time I'll just say "if you buy one for us to keep here all the time I could cook anytime you want"!wink.gif
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I really enjoy a good smoked burger. It has been a while since I made these, but I do remember throwing them on the grill after they smoked just to satisfy my wife's fears of bacteria.

I can't remember who gave me the advice, but someone once said that when you smoke burgers, you should poke a hole in the middle of the patty with your pointing finger. I have done that, and it prevents the burger from puffing up when it cooks. I am assuming that the hole prevents the fats and juices from moving to the middle
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