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Hope you don't mind a newbie's thoughts.

I have the BBQGrillware water smoker. I read thur this thread and find many posts right in line with mine thoughts.

I have no problem getting mine to 350° I found I could maintain 225° for hours after playing with the controller.

My biggest gripe was the cast iron chip pan, great pan but to me the burner is to far from it. I cannot get it to smoke properly.

I found if I removed the cast pan and use a juice can with wire to hang above the burner, full of soaked chips I could get good smoke for over 1 1/2 hours on a single load. When I opened one end of the can I left about 1" attached to act as a damper. I need to drill a couple holes in each side of the smoker and place hooks for the wire to make it easier to remove and reload the can.

I bought this as it really looked like a great smoker for the price, $98.00. I would like to have it a few inches wider.

If anyone has any other mods I would like to hear about them.
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I have seen this smoker and am impressed w the quality and thickness of metal when compared w GOSM and the Camp Chef Smoke Vault.

If the design is as much superior as is the construction you really did well...you even "DONE GOOD!"

You could do the rest of us a favor by scanning the operating instructions and letting us see them. It's interesting to compare.

Congrats. I'm happy for you.
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Still can't get the file sizes down to upload photo's. I took pictures with rulers showing the dimensions of the smoker and of the device itself. Just can't get the file sizes smaller. May have to reconfigure the camera and try again.

The attached is the Parts list for it. I does show how it is made.

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Ah it kind of looks like the Brinkman vertical or the small GOSM
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I've got a scanner - I'll see if I can find the manual and scan it into a PDF for us. Only problem is that I tend to throw away manuals. FlaGriller might still have his, if his car didn't hide it from him.
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Oh, also... totally forgot to post this earlier. Mine stopped whistling, and how I have a hell of a time finding my right temp setting. Maybe they do that after they're broke in a bit. Mine's about 4 months old and have probably done 15-20 smokes with it.

Also, I'd highly recommend getting a cover that goes all the way to the ground. I got the BBQ Grillware Smoker Cover from Lowe's and it goes to the bottom of the smoker but the legs and propane controls are exposed. My ignition button is already pretty faded out after just one summer, so that'll need to be covered up to really last.
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Found this POST on another forum, Hope it helps...www.barbecuebible.com/board/viewtopic.php?p=66185&sid=cc53676f6a38d296d0c10af8 a72ead93
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Don't remember if it was this post or another, someone was looking for a vertical smoker cover and theirs was too short. Most I have seen are 29 to 34 inches length but this one is 40. Skip down to "also looked at these items"...www.amazon.com/Great-Outdoors-Deluxe-Gas-Smoker/dp/B000EEZFEI
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Went by Lowe's today and the smoker is now labeled Perfect-Flame. Is this the same as BBQ Grillware? I have a grillware and am very happy with it, but sure about perfect-flame
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It's the same. The model number for either is GS-2100. Both Perfect-Flame and BBQ Grillware are made by the same company. I just looked at one at Lowes today as well but settled on a Cajun Injector electric smoker from Academy Sports which is really a Masterbuilt Electric Smoker (MES) with the Cajun Injector label on it. So much of what we buy is all made by the same people and just given a different brand name.
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There are TWO vertical smokers now at Lowe's

Consumer Alert!

Be aware that Lowe's is selling a different BBQ Grillware vertical smoker now for around $149, the 36" model GS-2001.

Here's a link.

My buddy at work got this one instead of the one this thread is talking about and I help him put it together. I can say without a doubt that it's not as good as the slightly larger original one we were originally discussing here. It has a side vent on the bottom instead of an open bottom, which usually would be a good thing but the airflow in it is really restricted - it needs more ventilation on the bottom. Also, the smoke box is small and the porcelain water dish is extremely flimsy and also undersized. The gauge of metal used in the construction of the smoker seemed to be the same though and the rest of it seemed to be built well, but for my money I'd get the original BBQ Grillware (which apparently now is the Perfect Flame although I haven't seen that in the store yet).

On a different not - thanks for the link to the cover Bonniesboytoy - I still need to get one that fits so I'll check it out.
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I saw the Perfect Flame smoker at Lowes yesterday and it is the GS-2001, the BBQ Grillware model devolutionist complained about. It looks like the only difference is the brand name. It is small. It does have the side vent. Besides having a different name, it is not rounded in the front. It does not look exactly like the picture at the top of this thread which appears to be an older model or version. It looks like the new $149 BBQ Grillware GS-2001 at Lowes you can see here: http://www.lowes.com/lowes/lkn?actio...001&lpage=none
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This is my first post.....I'm Michael from Augusta, GA.

I purchased the Perfect Flame from Lowe's back in May and have been happy with it thus far. I do have some questions though....

Cooking a Boston Butt 7+ lbs and the temp reg at 225 deg....it takes 24hrs to reach a desired 195 deg internal temp. Is this normal? I was thinking it may be the themomentor is not working properly as posted earlier. Any suggestions??

Also was reading about the top vent closeable. I have not done this but will make that alteration after this smoke.

Thanks for all the info on this forum.
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Back finally.
Devolutionist, Mine quite whistling also, And my starter has failed. Will get another retrofit one and replace. My thermometer on the door reads around 100 when it is actually 70 outside, so this will either get recalibrated or replaced.

I still use a Vacuum sealer to soak my wood chips in prior to placing in the smoker. I differ from Devolutionist on when I place the chips in. I do it when it is cold and place my smoke "stuff" in when it is cold also.
Mine doesn't take but 15 minutes to get up to around 180. then stays there while everything really heats up. after 30 minutes it starts to smoke then keeps smoking for over an hour.

I us Capt. Morgan exclusively when I "seal" the chips, (They bubble like I placed an alka-seltzer in the pot when it is first sealed, They are soaked when the chips sink) then I place that in the water tray with the apple juice and water mix already in there. I use this mix for Pork and Chickens.

My smoker is showing its age, but, It has done superb job in the weather we have had (any) since I first used it.
It needs a tune up, but something that has done a good job all the time deserves it. Since it feeds us so good

Last smoke was 8 trout and one large Salmon fillet last week, same mixture of water and "other" stuff.

Neighbor bought the new one mentioned above and if the side doors remain closed it cooks just like the one I have.

Well, Good to be back, Now I can post and keep track of things here again.

Virgo53/ Mike
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 Good day I am new on here and I am from S.C. and I need some help I have one of these and I love it .But I am having problems with the valve the one that you use turn heat up and down my has gone hay wire so I had been looking around to find if I could find a new one any body got any clue where I can find one went to Lowes and the said to contact company I have not had any luck yet does anybody have a suggestion I had a old grill with a side burner on it so I took the valve from it and put it on there it works but it fits differently I love using this smoker you can put your meat on it and let the smoker do it thing you dont have to worry about flare up I cook a lot of Boston Butts for bbq and smoked turkeys I sell them around the holidays and this smoker has made me lots of money will be buying another to make even more money so if anybody can help me with the valve issue please let me know thanks Mike

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I'm new to these,and not certain about exactly how to post this, but here goes.  Just using my smoker, BBW grilware model sg-1000. It seems to be a sturdy smoker.  I notice though that the vent on the top, which has a very fragile tab for opening and closing it, will not close all the way. Owners of this smoker know that there are some stainless steel hooks on a pin wheel of sorts on the inside of the top.  It seems that these are obstructing the vents from easy movement.  In order to be able to  fully close  the vent  and to operate it  without breaking the tab I think it is going to take a couple of wahers and possiby a longer bolt to improve the operation of the vent.  Has anyone else had this problem?

thank you 

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Hi - I just got this smoker used from a friend and he couldn't find the manual. Does anyone have a scan/pdf of the manual they can upload please? Thank you much!


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