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Ah the umbrella guy I get it! Mortons table salt! In brine recipes that stuff is like double! You should use sea salt, kosher salt or pickling salt. Being course is doesn't add as much salt taste - more air space. Iodinzed salt is no good for brining, smoking or canning.
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So, that little girl in the rain caused my problems, huh? OK, no more Morton salt.

I noticed the sea salt was more coarse. Also, I melted the salt with boiling water. Maybe, I should leave it as is when poured into the cold water.

I'll pick up some kosher salt the next time I go to the store. I promise.

Thanks again. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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I usually don't boil it to dissolve it - you don't want the hot water to start cooking the chicken. Dissolve it in cool water - it'll take some time, but not too long.

I use kosher salt, and 2 gallon ziplock bags for whole chickens.
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Stirring should be fine.
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Morton makes/packages all kinds of salt ........... Morton makes Kosher salt too. Mortons Kosher salt is OK, and most likely the brand that is in the grocery store. Thats all I use, get the big blue box ...... about $2.20/box.
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Not an expert here but I will tell you what I have found after brining 3 birds.
My first one I brined for 5 hours and it was outstanding... Super juicy and great taste.
I brined 2 smaller birds for about 13 hours and I did not notice any difference from the first bird that was brined for 5 hours.
I would think that after a certain time the meat has reached its max limit of moisture it can hold and soaking after that period will do nothing extra for the meat. JMO

Brining Rules!!!!!icon_mrgreen.gif
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I brine chicken every week. I generally do three hours of brine. I defrost from 9am to noon, brine from 12:30 to 3:30 and roast from 4 to 5:30.

When I do Turkey, I brine overnight, but try to keep it under 10 hours. Last turkey I brined for 16 hours and it was too salty.
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