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pork loin

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I'm going to smoke 2 pork loins on saturday. should i put my rub on the night before, or just before going in the smoker? I plan on smoking at around 225 degrees for about 6 hours.
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I usually do dry rubs the night before, wrapped in plastic wrap.
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You can do it either way. Rubbing the night before may ad a tiny bit more flavor as the spices get to soak in a bit.

I think what works best for me is just to sprinkle a bit more rub after it's been smoking for a few hours and just after you've sprayed it with apple juice.

Good luck G and don't forget the pictures!
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We need a "I'm with stupid" icon icon_lol.gif
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? ? ?

Did I miss something?
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Do it both ways. I'm an advocate of the "Double Rub". Apply rub the night before, wrap in plastic wrap and place in refrigerator. The next day, remove from refigerator, remove plastic wrap and apply a second coat of rub over the first. This method seems to give a better bark on the finished product.
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I believe that Flash had the same question as G-unit.
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I usually soak mine in apple juice around 3 hrs then rub with mustard then rub with Jeffs rib rub. Run the smoker around 230 to 240* and cook until internal temp is 155* then wrap in foil and a towel and let set for 1 hr. Have not had one dry out and was not under cooked.
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rolleyes.gif no, it means I agree with Debi's post that I quoted. It must be a Southernism i guess. Haven't you seen the shirts the wife or husband wears that has the arrow pointing over to the spouse stating "I'm with stupid." icon_question.gif It is an endearment Debi, no slam. We have it on our Florida Sportsman Fishing Forum, which I moderate. It just means I "agree" with the poster I quoted.
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