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What style am I lookin for

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We have a block party coming up next weekend and I'd like to make some pulled pork for it. I did a pulled pork smoke 2 weekends ago and it was great tasting meat. I used the finishing sauce by soflaquer and it added a great flavor, and used Jeffs BBQ sauce on the side, it was good but the BBQ sauce over powered the flavor of the meat.

Here's the question: I grew up in NE Arkansas and a couple of the local BBQ joints had the best samichis I've ever tasted.
They used a very thin red type sauce as I remember( its been a few years).
So that being said what style of sauce is used in that area? Memphis, N.C ?? Oh...the name of the place was Penn's in Blytheville, if anyone knows the area. He had 1 smoker running what seemed like 24/6, no BBQ on Sunday icon_wink.gif
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Maybe you are thinking of a Carolina Red Sauce?

Here is a basic sample but there are many varation on the theme.

1/2 cups cider vinegar
1/2 cup ketchup
1 tablespoon sugar
1 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon cayenne or hot red pepper flakes
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Thanks Ron, will give it a try. I know there are probably 1000+ vaiants of sauces out there. Was looking for a place to start.

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That sounds good, I'm going to try it
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a lil' trick i do w/ my pork- instead of spritz w/ apple try 1/2 1/2 pear &cranberry & throw the pear(canned) 1/2s on the grill - here's a pic.
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The Carolina Red Sauce is a likely candidate....there is also a Lexington Sauce that DeejayDebi has on her web site page with sauce recipes that might be what you are looking for too.

Sounds like fun trying all the combinations till you hit on it... PDT_Armataz_01_14.gif
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I've made that Lexington sauce, have a container full of it in the fridge right now and it's very good.
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Thanks for the info, I'll make a small batch of both and see which one I like.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Lemme throw my hat in the ring.....I like EASTERN Carolina sauce, which has no tomato products in it.
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After trying most everything suggested here and several others I've found a sauce that is as close as I think I'll find to what I remember.

All the sauces were very good and I had a great time making and trying them out.
What I finally tried and liked very much is the "Shack secret famous" sauce. Recipe here:
I had to break out the calculator to make a small test batch as the original recipe makes about 5 qts. icon_eek.gif

Don't let the amount of pepper fool ya, I thought it would be to hot but its not. It has a little bite but doesn't stay for long. If you try this sauce don't I repeate DON'T tast it off the spoon! I didn't like it off the spoon at all. I used a small pice of pork and dipped it in the sauce and was in heaven! After that pulled the last of the pulled pork out of the fridge, made a couple sadwiches with the new sauce. All is well in the world now wink.gif
For me using Jeff's finishing sauce and this sauce is REAL BBQ.
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