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gypsy's smoked chicken enchilada casserole

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leaving kinda loose to interpretation. 4-8 chix 1/4's sprinkled w/ fajita spice & garlic,smoked,pulled & shredded,1 block of velveeta cheese(sliced 1/4-1/2" thick),i can rotel tomatoes,1 can delmonte mexican style diced tomatoes w/ green chiles & cilantro,6-12 corn tortillas,1lb bag of shredded mexican cheese blend. first, dip tortillas in warm oil until soft & pliable then stack & cut into 1/4s. layer on the bottom of a 9x13 baking dish.layer in shredded chicken,layerin the velveeta cheese squares,pour in the cans of tomatoes & rotels, layer in more chicken,layer on the rest of the tortilla triangles & top w/ the shreeded cheese. give a light dust on top of comino(cumin), and sliced japeno if ya wish. bake uncovered @ 350 for 45 mins to an hour or until cheese is bubbly.i use a pyrex dish so i can see. it's a variation of king ranch chicken w/out the mushrooms or bell peppers. enjoy.
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just got the pit lit & the chix sprinkled w/ spice. i'll do step by step pics & post the whole thing when i't's completely done tomorrow or maybe friday.
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Very interested in the step by step process, this dish interests me.
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well lets get the process's pics as we go...
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looks real good so far. A couple questions? Do you always use dark meat chix and to what temp do you bring it to for the best pulling?
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i'm using 1/4s and as far as pulling,i never thought about it. i run it between 250-300 until the juice runs clear,or about 3-4 hours spritzing w/ just water.- tent it in the oven on 225 for another hour, lest rest for an hour & shred it.i've just recently got into using thermo's and it's thrown me (not my cooks).just go by feel & instinct.or if ya must use a thermo go to 190 in the joint the wrap & rest for @ least an hour before pulling. p.s. this is wally world tyson leg 1/4s - 10 lbs for $4.80
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4 hours & the temp is 225 170 @ the joint of the largest piece so we'll add a few bricks take it 2 more hrs @ 250 then tentfoil in oven @225 for an hour -rest an hour(in ziploc cooking bag)then pull for tomorrow. 4 quarters are for the enchiladas-2 are for chix salad(that recipe coming soon). here's the link.
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baby has colich so give me a few mins to do this ( chix yanked(not to be corn-fusedw/ pulled)@6 hrs., tent in oven @275 for an hour rested for 2 hrs(did i mention colich) reheated @ 225 for an hour-i have to dance w/ her (she likes bob marley,selena,albannach,gypc's stuff)- i'll pull in a few mins & do those pics. ziploc until tomorrow & chix salad w/ 2 1/4s & the other 4 for the enchiladas- pics to go step by step.
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Thats a cute kid you got there Gypsy. I have one of my own, gonna be 2 months on the 11th.

[EDIT] I can't wait to see how that enchilada turns out...might have to try that out meself
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tyty- she's my pride( the olders get jealous- like i ever get to hold her though) anyway, here's the latest chix pix- tomorrow will be chix salad & the enchiladas.
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well "lil'missfussy butt" is asleep so i am going too - tomorrow will be the chix salad & the smoked chix enchies pics to go w/ the recipe. p.s. - if i can't see surfin' penguins- noone does........nothing , nada... lol
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Looks great gypsy, sorry to hear about the colic, for her and for you. I went thru it too so I know the feeling.

What's the purpose of tenting the chicken in the oven instead of in the smoker?
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ok we're back after our commercial break. the pics have the step by step in the caption titles - the only thing i forgot is spray oil the pan first as the tortillas are oiled but ya know baked cheese....i forgot to get enchi sauce but i think the meat did it justice. if i did the beans,rice,cilantro leaf & a lime wedge i'd be a contender for "whose the next food network show". if y'all got question shoot a message here. hope you enjoy the pics & the dish if you make it. if you do - try my pooter shooter beans & refry them 2-3 days later in your home smoked bacon fat for what (oh y'all know i'm cocky- humble don't work for me)i think is 1 of the best meals you will ever have shy of going to mexico.
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Looks and sounds mouth watering, thanks for posting it for us to see.
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yw- first time my wife ever tried it- fer the meas. i suggested- better get a turkey pan- 9x13 barely holds it.i was used to making this for 20 on the boat so i downsized the recipe then cooked it after the fact.
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Hey bro, me and my wife are sittin here drooling over your pics!!! We are definitely going to do this recipe!!!

Thanks for the detailed pics!!!!YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!
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i'm siting here wanting to improv some lead accents to your jamz.thats a great thing to work on myt chops to(not to mention burn my guitar) anyway, i'll post a couple other songs i wrote & send ya links to a couple bands ya never ever would hear w/out the help - do try the albannach site. here's the links.
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just saving wood on feeding the beast. the oven was cheaper to use.
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