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Just starting out and have a few ???

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Well Ive been working all winter long on welding up a smoker. Its made out of a 225 gallon boiler. It has a 100 lb propane bottle welded perpendicular along the back which is used for the smoke box. It rides on a trailer and is looking pretty good. I have been experimenting all spring long and have been trying several different meats and techniques. If I can figure out how to post a pic I would love for you all to check it out. But anyways I have went a step further and enetred a local rib contest in 3 weeks. Getting kind of nervous. One quick question I have about smoking ribs is do any of you guys wrap your ribs in foil after a few hours to help speed the cooking and keep them tender? I have read of different techniques and was just curious to wjat you do. I have 3 weeks to practice and would love to hear from anyone and everyone. Thanks in advance.
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Welcome to the SMF Schultzy! Here is the link to the 3-2-1 method for ribs. http://www.wyntk.us/food/3-2-1-rib-method.shtml
There are a lot of great folks here to learn from. Good luck in the contest and keep us posted!
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Welcome Schultzy..........all your "Q" questions can be answered here.........PDT_Armataz_01_26.gif
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The 3-2-1 method worksd really well. I think that you will find it is the way to go.
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Welcome! You have to get those pictures put up! There is a practice picture forum so you can make your attempts there. 3-2-1, definitely practice it though!
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Welcome Schultzy -

I always wrap after about 2-3 hours or so, keep em moist and tender. Pull them out for the last hour and get them basted and firmed up.
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Ditto what Debi says. smile.gif
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Welcome and yes the 3-2-1 method works!
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