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Good Eats Season 7 Epsiode 2 - Q

Haven't found a flash version.

Acquired taste..... to each their own.

Now Bobby Flay......what a dork....definite bad aftertaste. I watch his Showdown series to watch him lose.
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Hear Hear!!!PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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The terracota smoker he assembled is basically a homebrew version of a Big Green Egg.... it looks something like a Big Brown Egg.
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ah, but wasnt the terracotta smoker first? :)
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I adored Justin Wilson! He was one heck of a guy. I could watch him all day.

Alton Brown I can only take so much of - I don't know why but he bugs me for some reason. Seems like he talking down at you or something. I did look at several of the videos that were online.

Rachel Ray I like because she reminds me of my Mama's family with her stories sometimes but she does make alot of stuff I grew up on so there not much learning going on.

Emeril I watch if he's cooking something interesting and I do like some of his spice blends.
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i tried making one of those like he did in the show. i think in the show he was outside in the summer. well i tried last fall (up here in vail, brr) and it just wouldn't get hot enough. i probably didn't have a burner that was high enough wattage, but it was hard enough just finding that one.

plus the terra urns were expensive, add the burner cost, and i was making something that didn't work very well for near $100. i returned the pots to home depot (she looked at me kinda funny cause they smelled like hickory smoke) and went over to wally world, where to my delight they had a gosm on clearance for $50. done deal.

i have learned from alton but i think his manic composure is more suited for calling out the frantic activities of iron chef america. icon_wink.gif

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you couldnt have said it better, but I love his helpful hints biggrin.gif

Lisa tongue.gif
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I love Alton's show. He gives you so many different ways to prepare food. Plus I feel like his opinions of appliances and kitchen tools are straight forward and aren't littered with him just pitching a sale. (although I disagree with his use of a Villaware waffle maker. You cannot beat the Waring Pro!)

I used to make microwave popcorn all the time until I saw his show on popcorn. You gotta love a guy who has an entire show dedicated to nothing but popcorn!
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I believe he lives in Georgia, so his weather is a tad different from most of us.
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i wish i could get altons show here in oz cos i rekon he is good , if any one finds a link to the latest would you post it please . i have watched the ones i can find on you tube .
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What did he do with popcorn?
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You find just about everything here, including show transcripts.

The one for the popcorn is here
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