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Will this work?

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I have been wanting to try my father's old Smoked Sausage recipe for years. Yesterday, I spotted a no-name, three tiered, 2 rack "Smoker/Charcoal Grill" on sale and picked it up and have assembled it. Having no experience at all with this area, I had assumed that this was a smoker, not a cooker. It seems, however, that this unit is really for fully cooking/grilling while smoking at the same time. I recall my father's smokehouse was a six foot high structure and the meat and sausage was suspended above the wood chips about 3 to 4 feet. The sausage was only smoked long enough to begin to drip, then removed and frozen till it was time to cook, so it certainly wasn't cooked in the smopking process. I believe this is called cold smoking.

My questions are:
1. Will this type of unit work as a smoker if I use only wood chips and try to keep the temperature as cool as possible?
2. This unit has a pan for water. Would I use this?
3. How do I light the damp wood chips and keep them smoking?

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Welcome aboard! I sure some of our sausage experts will be along soon to give you the answers you seek. I have yet to smoke any sausage but it is on my short list of things to do.
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try a shot or so of 100 proof booze to soak chips----for a minute or soicon_lol.gif
do not completly saturate the chips....

after lighting--let burn 30/59 seconds...
then smother chip pan--
they should smoulder..
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U say it has a water pan? sounds like a smoker rite off. What is the heat source? Elec, gas or charcoal? Elec. and gas will have some sorta chip tray and charcoal you would put the chips rite in or use a foil pouch,Good luck and keep us updatedPDT_Armataz_01_24.gif
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Any chance you could post a picture of it?
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Thanks for the help so far. Photos attached. It is fired by charcoal. It has a lower pan for the charcoal and one just above it for water. I don't understand the water pan's purpose unless it is to catch drippings. I don't think I would need steam.
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You have a vertical water smoker ... very similar to the ECB (Brinkman Smoke'n'Grill) lots of info here on using one.
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1. You will need charcoal for heat and wood for flavor.
2. Water pan helps keep an even temp., eliminates flareups, and helps to keep moisture in the meat.
3. No need to moisten wood chips or chunks ... just place them on the charcoal.
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Looks like you're on your way now.
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Yep, what squeezy saidPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Then again if what you are after is a cold smoke and not a smoke cook you will need another the top vent on the new unit and call it your smoke generator....pipe it to the second box where the meat is should be able to stay below 100* in the second box...hey some even use cardboard boxes jury rigged

Good Luck
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i want the expansion middle

cold smoking would be hard in this but not impossible, all you need to do is get 4 or 5 briquettes going somewhere else,place in smoker once ready, wood chips on top of charcoal and not use the waterpan
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Hello and Welcome Golfstix -

That smoker is very similar to a Brinkman and easy to do a cold smoke.

The best way I have found is to take 3 or 4 charcoals and get them going, then add a tin foil packet full of dampened woodchips on top of the hot charcoals.

Poke tiny holes in the top of the tin foil packet. Open the vent at the top about half way. Keep adding charcoal about 2 or 3 an hour or when the coals are almost gone but still glowing enough to get the next batch burning.

Add wood chips as needed.

Either set the sections slightly off center or add a thin chunk of wadded tin foil under a few sides to add extra air. It'll help keep it cool.

Have fun!
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Thanks to all! You've given me the answers I need. I'll let you know how I do!
Thanks again!
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