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All nighter

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threw this 9# butt on at 10 last night. woke up at 4 refilled water and smoke box. Threw on 2 fatties this morning at 7. Temp is at 195 as I type waiting for 205 or so. Gonna be a good dinner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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That's gonna be one tastey butt. Thanks for sharing the pics.

Keep Smokin
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Looin goodPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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How is that afterburner working out for you?
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Nice grub!!!!
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Good so far, It took me a while to get a handle on the temps, it can be very touchy. I brought it up to temp 4 or 5 times last week, before I put meat on it. other than that it works well. Waitin to taste the finished producticon_smile.gif
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Good looking pork. It definitely initiates the drool factor. Thanks for sharing.
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After eating, it was awesome. My best so far, and blew awaymy others. one little issue with the propane conversion (afetrburner). Is the ability to keep a good smoke for over 45 minutes. Other than that its great. I'm going to try the coffee can to get a little extended smoke time.
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awesome !! glad your conversion worked out
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