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All nighter

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I just put on a nine pound butt,its about ten oclock here,and I have some ribs to do tomorrow.When it turns out Ill send pics.
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And we'll be waiting!
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I will be right here waiting to see. Hope it all comes together for you.

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All nighter

Well here are the results.I put the Butt in at 10 P.M. Saturday night at about 150 deg. and this morning I kicked it up to 220 until 8 oclock Sun. evening.It hit 150 deg about 1:30 this afternoon and dtuck there for four hours until it started moving again.I took advantage of this time and planted ten Red Bud trees.The ribs were on for six hours and were great.
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Man that is some good looking grub! I have not done an all nighter yet, interesting on how you did the temps...I'm learning stuff all the time.
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WV,I let the butt go all night at 150 deg just to get it going.I dont like to take it up to cooking temp while Im asleep,Im afraid it will get to high and ruin everything.I have had all nighters going where Id set the alarm for about every two hours and keep check on it,but the older I get the more I cherish a good nights sleep.
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Let me get this right................a 22 hr smoke on a shoulder, now that IS low n slow, looks great, nice jobPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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looks good. you take pics of it pulled or sliced?
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Looks good David. As always your touch seems to add to my knowledge and my desire to try things in a little new and different manner. Thanks for sharing.

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Looks awesome bet it tasted even better than it looks, fantastic job Dacdots
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David -

You are the king! Your butt and ribs look as good as your bacon and hams!

(I don't know why but that didn't sound quite right... rolleyes.gif )

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Thank you soooo much Debi Ill take that as a compliment.icon_redface.gifrolleyes.gif
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Debi I'm gonna be good and leave you alone this time and just agree with you... Fine looking food there Dacdots thanks for sharing!
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I rewrote that about 4 times and it just never did sound good but David knows I think he's a fine smoker. Hope his wife doesn't take it wrong!

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