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Rolled Brisket evaluation

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For those of you interested in my rolled brisket experience ...
I believe my butcher chooses to do this with the thinner pieces, as it was no more than 2½ inches at the thickest. It was rolled fat side out (trimmed) and when I do another, I will cut the ties and rub the inside well and then retie it.
Overall, I think it was a great success ... very tender, easy to slice ( like a bologna roll) perhaps not as juicy as I would have liked. Next one will be taken to 200º-205º instead of 195º ... to see the difference.

I definitely reccomend trying brisket this way icon_biggrin.gif

Here is the thread to my weekend smoke if you missed it:

...and a couple pics in high res:
Rolled Brisket on left

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Thanks for the update. I was wondering how it turned out. I'm still new at this so I have to ask, will letting it get to a higher temperature possibly result in it being more juicy? Thanks
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Paul -

Did you wrap it and let it sit awhile (I can't remember)? That usually juices it up good.
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I believe it would, also a longer rest in the foil would have helped.
Had very hungry guests to consider.
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Yes, I did but only an hour ... of course I'm comparing mine to first taste of Q'd brisket I had when visiting Texas ...

It was darn good ... everyone said as much!
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Well then there's no complaint right? Sure looks good!

BTW Paul?

YOUR OUT OF UNIFORM! Where's the OTBS Logo boy? Congrats!
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It sure was good ... thank you very much!

About the uniform ... I've hinted about a nomination ... alas no takers icon_cry.gif
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Check your e-mail ya ol coot!!! u got nominatedPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif congratulation's
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Maybe Dutch has gotten to it yet? Well ya got nominated and renominated I think we were all going for it!
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Thanks Bubba ... a humble bow and icon_biggrin.gif
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