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Cast Iron

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Finally got us a roaster my wife has been wanting for some time.She conned me into using up all my Cabelas points but I like cast iron cookware too.Cant wait to take this one for a spin.We can also use it when we go camping.This thing is huge,12 Qts,18"x9"x6" and weighs 25 lbs.You can also flip the lid and use it as a grill.
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Boy that sure is a nice piece Dacdots! It's huge! I don't think I've even seen a dutch oven that big in cast iron. 12 quarts - hmm that's like three chickens wide. COOL!

Bet that cost as much as my first car!

PIGGY don't go there!

Just kidding icon_mrgreen.gif
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Mighty fine lookin' piece of iron there.
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ATTAGIRL Mrs Dacdots! You got a smart one ther Dacdots. That is a really nice oven ya got there!

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Good going, David! Nice piece of equipment. Only problem with me owning one like that is the same problem I have when I fill my GOSM! I have to invite folks over to help get it gone! Of course, there's never a problem finding "volunteers".
Nice catch, David!
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Debi,there $44 each and I had $40 of Cabelas points so when all the shipping was added I still only had $18 in the roaster.
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Nice score, David!! I picked up the CampChef version last Saturday at the IDOS Convention. The lid shows the driving of the Golden Spike at Promontory, UT. Got it for $10.00 off retail.
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Looks great David. Prepare to cook a feast in that. It is absolutely amazing the quality of dutch oven cooking from main course to dessert. Have fun my friend.
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I am sure you will love that roaster. My in-laws have one exactly like that and they use it camping all the time.
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David -

Even at $44 it's one heck of a deal! I just paid $28 for a 9" pie plate last summer locally. I gotta look through that online Cabella store.

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Moi??? Never! Can't believe you'd say such a thing Debi icon_smile.gif

Awesome piece of cast there dacdots.. can't wait to see the good groceries that come out of it

Keep Smokin
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Very very nice score Dadcots!!!PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif Just don't drop that bad boy on your toesPDT_Armataz_01_23.gif
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really nice score there. i finally got a cast iron skillet yesterday. i got a 10 1/4" one at wally world, $11. it has the assist handle on the opposite side of the handle. pretty heavy one, not those thin that are out there. here is a link to it. it is alrady seasoned it said on it.
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