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Easter ham question

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I would like to smoke a large "ready to cook" ham for Easter. However, because of church commitments, I won't be able to fire up the Weber Bullet until at least 1:00 pm. Could I smoke it on Saturday and store it until Sunday afternoon? Does anybody have any experience cooking something one day and storing it until the next?
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I would start it smoking while I attended church.
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my experience with ready to cook hams and smoking is that the taste seems to get better the next day....you may want to give it a good smoke (and hey don't forget a good rub as well) the day before and then reheat the next day.
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Sure next day it's always better! You could do a late smoke on Saturday and wrap it tight in oil and wrap it in blankets. Come Sunday just reheat a bit.
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Holysmoker, glad you started this thread, as we are also smoking a ham for Easter. If the weather stays dry it may have to be an all nighter Saturday night in my case. Good luck with your smoke, and have a nice Easter.
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on christmas eve, i smoked a turkey. i put it in the fridge after it was done (2a.m.). i pulled it out 2 days later and took to my bro's house. we reheated it in the oven and he carved it. it was very good. everyone raved about it, and my ABT's i brought too.
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Do it the day before...and reheat...
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Doing our ham on Saturday and have no doubt that it will be good on Easter.

I prefer the second day over fresh off the smoker when you have a choice.
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