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A Bit Of Everything Smoke

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Meoey's Meat loaf and Cheech's Jamacin Jerk chicken in the cooker.

ABT'S Ready to go in.

Dinner Time.....

Meoey's Meatloaf & Cheech"s Jamican Jerk Chicken.

Meowy's Mac n Cheese and my AB'T's.

And what's a smoke without a Fatty??

Meowy & Cheech, thank you for the fantastic recipes.....folks if you have not tried them, please do won't be sorry, simply delicious!!!!
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tonto - that's some awesome looking food. Just send the samples to the house - the brisket is in the mail.. honestwink.gif

Keep Smokin
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you put the mac&cheese on the smoker?confused.gif
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I gotta have your meatloaf pan! That’s the same color as my truck! Oooops, the food looks awesome, I know you’re practicing to get ready for your new smoker…so please put me on your food mailing sampler’s list-I promise thorough and prompt analysis (just be sure you send enough samples) No need to thank me now…there will be time for that later! icon_rolleyes.gif
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All looks to find where I have Meoweys meatloaf recipe filed .. getting me hungry again...icon_mrgreen.gif
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awesome Tonto, I gotta try that jerk chicken, it looks off the hookPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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The mac- n -cheese was baked in the oven, sorry I should have said that.

I know I said it before but these recipes are a must try, you will not
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LOL Carl, the kids gave us the pan as a gift (yes that is the kind of gifts we ask for icon_wink.gif )I will ask them were they got iticon_biggrin.gif
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Looks great.
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Theresa -

That looks amazing! How can I be this hungry at 1 am?

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Drool!! Just had breakfast and now I'm hungry again. Thanks for the kudos!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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As always Tonto, you & Bud go all out, and it all looks fantastic!

Just think how much more you'll put on there w/two good arms! icon_eek.gif

Work hard at building back the muscle lost, won't be long and you'll be ready to arm wrestle too!

Great job!
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Looks good as usual Theresa save a plate for me.
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I'm in the truck headed your way. Don't worry I am bringing my own fork and napkin. Great looking spread.
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looks great. i love smoked meatloaf. i have done 2 or 3 of them. i did a rack of spareribs yesterday, but didn't get any pics. ooops.
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I gotta see this recipe

That mac and cheese looks awesome....fork over the recipe will ya? Is that mini rigatoni or ziti in there?
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I used mini ziti, that's what I had in the cupboard. Here is the link for the mac n cheese, it can allways be found in the side section.

Meowey's Mac n Cheese.
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That looks great Theresa. I wouldn't have guessed that meatloaf was something you made in a there's something else I'll need to try. The Mac & Cheese looks great too.

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