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I'm w/Buzzy, dove is awsome. I also like pheasant smoked the same way. I don't see how you guys can eat rabbit. Had some hunters one year keep jack rabbits(didn't see many pheasants). He would crock pot them, pull the meat off the bone and mix in with bbq sauce and use for sammies or as a dip.

Surprised I haven't seen any ostrich, actually used to be "wild" here. When the market went to crap some guys were letting them loose. We used to raise them(for the meat & hide) and it was pretty good if cooked right. If you over cooked it, it would be tough enough to patch tires with.

Gotta say cat is my favorite to cook; I don't eat them, I just hate cats. ;) (I don't know how to "work" those little army guys, but this is a joke.....................pretty much a joke anyway)
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Can't say anything about dove or pheasant's....but my cat has a message for ya
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That ostrich business reminds me. Me and a buddy of mine smoked an emu once. It had been turned loose when the get rich quick craze ended around here as well. We were a little overgunned if there is such a thing. .338 Win Mag vs. emu, he lost.
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Bring it on!
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Chad, we had one get out and she took off fast. We knew that we had to kill her 'cause she would stress too much and end up dead anyway. So I hung out the window of the pickup going 30mph thru a field so I could drop her. I'd seen them cleaned enough that I took it upon myself to "get what we could out of her". I tip my hat to butchers, although it was in a field, I had a hell of a time.

Getting off subject, so I better stop.........but ostriches are damn stupid. Many stories, better told w/beer and a smoker filled w/meat.
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Hey, BigAl, Jackrabbits are desperation food only. They're tough and not at all pleasantly flavorful. Now let's talk GOOD rabbit!

My property and the surrounding area is loaded with Snowshoe Hares. They are great eating any way you wanna do'em.

While I have several favorite recipes for rabbit I have never really smoked them before and plan a few experiments for this summer.

Elsewhere in the Wild Game forum I have posted my favorite rotisserie rabbit recipe. But jackrabbits!

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Now, Theresa! Stop that!

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... I don't care who ya are.. That's funny stuff. I shot my mom's pet rooster one time (that's all it took) with a 30-30.. Poof! You'll have to ask about that one at the gathering

Keep Smokin
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Bechta the last thing those Wabbit's say is not " What's Up Doc". icon_lol.gificon_lol.gificon_lol.gifPDT_Armataz_01_23.gif
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LOL.... Count on it!!!!
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Theresa -

Now most grown bunnies aren't that cute (especially after their beheaded).

Piggies ... now their cute!

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HAHAHAHA thats a good one
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