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Successful smoke

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I'm trying again to post pictures of last weekends smoke which was really good. I did 6 slabs of spare ribs that I trimmed down ST. Louis style and used Jeff's rub. Some salmon with lemon pepper(I was'nt real sure what to put on the salmon),chicken thighs that I used Ole Bobs maple sugar rub on,2 fatties,
one fattie for ABT'S(cream cheese and sausage),the other fattie for a pot of beans which also had garlic,onion,bacon,chili powder,salt and pepper etc.I did a couple packs of eckrich sausage. Then I also made some Texas toast and a gingerbread cheesecake. I used hickory wood and maintained the thin blue smoke the whole time. Everything turned out delicious. The ribs could have gone just a little longer but I was running out of time.
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Everything looked dang good buddy.
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Thanks nieghbor . You cooking this weekend?
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Yowser, that looks great. What's ABT's? Who's your heart doctor?
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Fine looking meal

What a nice spread that is, looks like it all came out perfectly. Thanks for sharing the photo's and keep up that wonderful smoke.

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Very nice Buddy! Those pix were worth waiting for!
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WOW, had somehow missed this....Fantastic looking Buddy!!! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

Is the Gingerbread cheesecake your recipe??Have never had it and it sounds wonderfull.
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GINGERBREAD I'm listening.....that sounds good....damn good.......recipe please!!!!!!! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Thanks everybody,everything turned out great. The gingerbread cheesecake recipie I got from a cooking
magazine that I get. I'll bring it to work with me and post it. I love cheesecake and this stuff is bad to the bone.
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looks good. mmmmm......ribs. but 6 slabs?!? i do 2 slabs usually.
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