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pics of King Kooker

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Well I finally got around to taking some pics and firing her up. Testing temps today
30 degrees ambient temp no wind
no water in pan
hi - 325
med - 220
lo - 180
lo 180
med 270
hi -just turned it up

See the one rack that has the indents for beer can chicken? Can't wait to use that! The best advantage is the side door for getting to the smoke box...
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more pic

two more pics...I guess they felt compelled to put warning device that the unit is hot, not that the smoke wouldn't give it away...2nd pic is my old mustang electric I've been using. I will certainly still use it, it's very portable and easy to use.
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Nice looking smoker Shellbellc, I love the small door for adding wood and water, I bet it will cut down on cook times in the cold weather. So are you going christen her today??? If so..... what's smoking???
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Have two pounds of jerky curing in the fridge since yesterday. I don't know if I'm pushing my luck, I've never done jerky before, first time using the new smoker and it's starting to snow and they're calling for 3 - 6.eek.gif
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That's one Kool smoker. Let us know how it works out for you. I'm thinking I'd like to get one sometime, really nice unit. Thanks for sharing the pics.

Keep Smokin
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How does it compare sizewise with the GOSM? I like the little door, looks like someone put some thought into this one.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Congrats Shell!

It's been so long I plumb forgot who bought thatthing! Came real close to buying it on eBay myself. Who knows maybe after I finish building my Chargriller clone.

I want to know how good this thing is shell! Been waiting for you to christen it before I bought one. LOL

Hmmm if I take everything of the porch but the smokers .... I'd have wall to wall smokers! LOL

Sick! Sick! I am a sick girl!

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Wall to wall smokers ain't a bad thing and even if you are a sick sick girl... you eat some really good food!
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I posted a jerky thread about my success (with a few speed bumps) of my first smoke. There is also another pic of the smoker with my son standing in front of it. He is about 4'9", 57 inches. The heighth of the cabinet itself is 48" so I'm guessing the legs are 10 - 11" high. I like that it's elevated. I did have some temp control issues. First of all I think because the day before I did a temp evaluation and I left the water in the pan. Once the water got hot again the temps climbed on me...My other smoker didn't have a water pan so my first time using one. I had some smoke that was escaping from the door, not alot, but I'll be able to judge that better in the day light and on a higher smoke. If it's a problem, I may need to find some way to run a seal around it. The heat climb was easy enough to adjust with the thermostat, I just turned it down too far...So far, first smoke I'm looking forward to my next smoke with some other kind of food. PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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Well what name did you give her?
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Shell -

How much room do you get between those racks?

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I'll check and measure them tonight...I thought I took a picture, but at the very top are sausage hooks also. I can't wait to use that beer can chicken rack! That's so simple it's genious!

Haven't come up with a name yet...Have to see what personality transcends...confused.gif
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Very nice. The small side door is a nice touch.

With the smokestack on the top that way it would probably be very easy to run some drier vent from it to another box for cold smoking.

Where are the King Kookers manufactured?
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They are manufactured in Louisiana. I got mine cheaper on eBay though.

Hey Cheech,
Didn't come up with a name for her yet...Gotta let a personality develop.
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Is this smoker still made I was just on their site and they have this one

The Outdoor Chef’s Smoker/Oven/Stove

and it looks totally different

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Since that post was 4 years ago I imagine models have changed.

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Originally Posted by Shellbellc View Post

two more pics...I guess they felt compelled to put warning device that the unit is hot, not that the smoke wouldn't give it away.....


You know they probably have to do this for a reason, meaning someone was stupid enough to try and handle/touch it and burned the shit out of themselves, then tried to hold the company countable for them being a dumbass.

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