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Saturday mini smoke

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Fired up Betsy and took her for a spin Saturday night. I also thought I'd see if I could teach myself hoe to use my wife's new digital camera. It was kinda fun, so I thought I'd share some with you.

Started off with a fully loaded firebox as I had to be gone for a couple of hours. When I got back, I was up to temp w/ a good bed of coals, but had to add a couple logs to maintain.

Here's the white billowy smoke that's so famous for creosote and bitter meat.

A few minutes later, here's the coveted thin blue stuff that we all look for, and that a gas or electric can't match.(now now guys, don't get riled, just a little stick burner humor)

Preheating a hickory log in order to avoid the white billowy stuff.

Time to get the fatties ready, and split& rub the yardbird.(We think we like smoked halves better than BCC, it gets smoked on both sides.)

Beans have been on for quite q while now, (scaled down recipe of Dutch's Wicked). They wentin with the white billowy and got stirred a few times to get a good smoke bath.
Now it's time to put the fatties and the clux on.

Beans are done

Chix are done (165*)

Fatties and Eckrich are done. (It's against the rules to fire up Betsy w/o any Eckrich)

Here's the meat, what you do with the sides is up to you.

Happy Drooling,

PS, I tried to post this right before lunch for everyone.
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Man I' hungry! Looks Sooo good! drool drool drool!

Wonder if my keyboard is water proof?
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Good Grub there Tim! Looks terrific and sure it tastes terrific!

Just some electric humor :D :D
You just burned up enough wood to run me a year or two!!!LOL....but you know we electrics are wood miserly or is that misery?
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Looks damn good dickey and a big thumbs up on the wood burner lol.
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Re: Saturday mini smoke

Mighty fine looking Dickie :D Now I have 10#'s of pulled pork in the fridge and I'm hungry for a grilled sausage :roll: :P
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Big ups for the stick burner! Looking good!
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Looks good DDBBQ. I'd better see pics of some spoonie steaks come spring.
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DDBBQ really enjoyed the pics. Everything looked excellent. That chicken and those fatties made me hungry and it's 9:00 in the morning.

I am really green on stick burners and I have a couple of questions. Do you ever have a problem with ash build up? Do you have to clean out some ash during the smoke?
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Outstanding job, Tim. Of course any smoke session that has my Wicked Beans in it will get high marks from me!! :twisted:

Good pic's of the billowy white smoke and the thin blue. I'm thinking that maybe we should have a sticky thread featuring your pics that we could refer the newbies so they'll know what we're talking about.
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Thank you thank you for the pictures.

I have not heard of wrapping bacon around a fattie but lov ethe idea.

The only way to make them better would be to pump them up with extra fat inside PDT_Armataz_01_14.gif

Thanks for the great job on the picture taking
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Another of my dumb questions .What internal temp do you take your fatties to?
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I'd sure be proud to have a contribution be a sticky.

I checked w/ Betsy, and she said she didn't mind either, so sticky away!

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165*, or a quick squeeze that feels firm, either way.
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MMMMMaple sausage and MMMMMMMMaple bacon MMMMMMM PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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No peoblem with ash build up. The coals just keep piling up on eachother. The next day, I clean out the ashes. I have a long handled tool that fits the curve in the bottom of the firebox. I just drag them out into a tub.

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