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Hello All

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My name is Bill from Elizabethtown, Pa. I just purchased my first smoker over the weekend and I'm looking to learn everything. After much looking around to find what I think I wanted I bought a Masterbuilt electric smoker. I bought the basics woods with it and made my first batch of ribs on Sunday. It was good, but not great, but what do you expect for your first try. I'm rather picky about smoked meats as well, and although I learned some things from my first try, I'm hoping to learn some more from people with experience.

Anyway, just looking forward to learning all that I can. Any recomendations on reading materials or websites is welcome.

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Welcome irwinwd you are at the right place let me suggest that you sign up for Tulsa Jeffs 5 day e-course its free and has a lot of good info. Im sure you will find that there not anything more available to you than being here. So pull up a chair grab a cool one and jump right in.
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Re: Hello All

Thanks for the welcome guys, I did get the Masterbuilt with the adjustible vent on top. My one complaint with the Masterbuilt is the complete and total lack of any information with the unit. The assembly instructions were not very detailed, and I think I had the fire box (not sure if that's the right term) in wrong and didn't get enough heat to it and it didn't smoke like expected. Also there was no info on use of the unit beyond setting time and temp. Aside from that, I was impressed with the construction.

The short of that whole point is I'll be looking some of the basic 101 walkthrough I thought would come with the unit. The e-course and electric posts sounds like a great place to start.
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Welcome aboard,

Please feel free to post specific questions that you have on your smoker or ribs.
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Re: Hello All

That's the way to do it Bill just jump right and and do it! Take notes and make adjustments as you go!
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Welcome to SMF irwinwd!!! Enjoy the forums, there are many very helpful members who are always willing to help a guy out. I look forward to your posts.
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Re: Hello All

Welcome to SMF.
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Re: Hello All

Welcome Bill. You will love the info and help you get here. I am new also and the ecourse and other articles/post has been a real help. Smokin great stuff now and confidence building. I am a Big Green Egg user. All the best and great smokin success to ya.

Mark 8)
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Welcome to SMF, Bill. You got to start somewhere, so just consider your first smoke as a practice run. To help keep track of what you're doing, there is a downloadable Smoking Log in the General Discussion forum. It is at the top of the General Forums Topics list.

The log allows you to jot down what you do for future reference. Think of your first log as your base line and make your adjustments from there in regards to smoke times, rubs and woods used.
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Re: Hello All

thanks for the tip on the log, that's a great way to remember what I did right or wrong.
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