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Smoked Duck

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I'm planning on smoking a few ducks for Thanksgiving dinner. I picked up two whole, fresh ducks at my butcher shop.

I plan to marinade/brine them for about 2 days in a pineapple/guava teriyaki style marinade (I plan to water it down just a bit & add some salt to the marinade/brine).

Any tips on doing duck? I'm assuming it will take about the same amount of time as smoking chickens.

Any tips on the marinade? Does what I have there sound OK to you?

Happy Thanksgiving! :)
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Re: Smoked Duck

I assume you know to ***** the skin all over so that the fat can be rendered out? wink.gif
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Re: Smoked Duck

No. I did not know that! Thank you! (This is my first time ever doing duck).

I never do that with my chickens & they seem to come out great. Am I supposed to do that w/ chicken too?

Any other things I should be aware of when smoking duck?
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Re: Smoked Duck

Anyone? Any other things about smoking a duck I need to know?

Please reply, the ducks are going into the brine/marinade tonight.....

Thanks. :)
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Re: Smoked Duck

No, your chickens are fine, it’s just that a duck has a layer of fat under the skin, so it can swim around ice chunks in your local ponds. Are you aware that duck is all dark meat? I like that ! 8)

p.s. I can’t think of anything else that could be a problem, except you will want to crank up your smoker towards the end to get that skin crispy, unless of coarse you like rubber skin!
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Re: Smoked Duck

OK, thanks.

The ducks are in - skin pricked all over. ;)

They've been in for about 2 hours now at about 230. I'd take a pic to post, but it's pouring down rain here (Seattle).

I have 'before' pics & will take after pics on the kitchen counter. Look for pics to be posted later today or tomorrow.

The ducks are stuffed with onions, garlic & livers (all of which were also done in the brine/marinade). We plan to make a pate out of the liver/onion garlic stuffing for crackers.

We're also BBQ'n frogs legs today (when you live in Seattle, you can't fear smoking/BBQ'n in the rain! ;) ). The frogs legs will be an apetizer before the main course of duck (along w/ green beans, mashed potatoes & sweet potato soufle). Yum! :)

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! :D
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Hey I realize this has been done for some time but can you let us know how the duck turned out?
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