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Tried bells

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Ok........we cooked the hamburger meat 1st with mushrooms, onions, chile powder, shot of wor sauce and garlic spices. Then we drained the grease and added stewd tomatos and sauce. We cooked the rice then added it all together. Cut the peppers and stuffed away. :D

Oh yeah...................look at'em smoke baby 8)

My wife made some Prego sauce and we covered'm up.

They were so good................one thing, the peppers were a little to smoky..........but other than that, great success.
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Great pics.

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Re: Tried bells

Awesome gypc, but why no cheese :?:
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Great looking peppers...getting me hungry all over again...you mentioned the peppers were too smokey...I also found that to be the case when I tried to smoke some onions and peppers to go with the italian sausage I had smoking....sausage came out great...but couldn't eat the peppers and onions...far too much smoke ....thinking of maybe pre-cooking the peppers and onions before I smoke them next time..

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Re: Tried bells


WOW! Just now getting to your post. Absolutely beautiful food! You have done us all proud! Thank you for sharing with us!

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Re: Tried bells

Gypc...them look absolutely delicious....thanks for posting..

How long were they in the smoker? I got to try them fixed that way.

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Re: Tried bells

Cheese? I think these would have been even better to put some kind of cheese in'm. Like layer of stuff then cheese then stuff then cheese......ya know what I mean :D

As far as the flavor of the peepers being to smoky, maybe the next time I'll lighten up on the wood.

I smoked them for 5 hrs at about 225o.

I think this can be perfected with time. This was the 1st time and I love'm.
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Re: Tried bells

Yes I know just what you mean :D . Maybe a layer of mozzerella down low and something a little stronger closer to the top like a colby or jack.

Great job as they are though 8)
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Re: Tried bells

No wonder I STAY hungry!!!

Those peppers look fantastic. :D

You might try a fruit wood for a lighter flavored smoke.
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