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turkey legs

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have a mess of legs wondering if I should brine them, If so how long?
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Re: turkey legs

look in the smokrd turkey legs thread.
i cure mine.
they are marvelous.
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Re: turkey legs

I have never brined turkey legs. They seem to smoke up just fine. BUT, if you have bunch of them brine some and cook the rest without. That should tell you how you want them. As for time, overnight in a brine should be about right.

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Re: turkey legs

I've never bothered to bring turkey legs either. It sure couldn't hurt tho... The legs, being dark meat, always seemed to do just fine without a brine. When I brine other poultry, it is mostly, along with adding some flavors, as a bit of insurance against the white meat drying out.

If you do, let us know how they turn out...

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Re: turkey legs

I have another brining question...If I can't fit the bucket in the fridge, should I pack the bucket on ice?

I looked in the brining section, but it doesn't really say... could be Jeff was assuming that is a given, but I thought I would ask before I didn't pack it on ice and gave everyone a case of food poison.
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Re: turkey legs


Given my druthers I would always opt for the refrigerator. If you could place that bucket in a large cooler which is iced down that would be better. Putting a bucket on ice does not guarantee that all the product in it will remain inside the "safety zone" of temperature. This is especially important to poultry, fish and raw dairy products.

That's my $.02 on the subject. Perhaps two smaller buckets?

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Re: turkey legs

I should have said packed in ice...i figured with poultry it would be best ..but thought I would ask to make sure. Thank you for the information. :D
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Re: turkey legs

If your going to pack the food in ice, be sure to put the ice in zippy bags or such. If you just put the ice in with the brine mixture, as it melts it will dilute your brine...

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will have pics monday , still smoking my legs, doing 8 hour smoke on them, sure they will taste like ham.
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gotta ask - where does one find turkey legs? A couple of meat markets around here say they don't have 'em and don't expect to, either ...
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Re: turkey legs

fairway food stores about .99 per pound
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Re: turkey legs

Never heard of Fairway Food. Is that a local store or on-line source? I see you're from wife spent some years near Des Moines - she says she doesn't recognize Fairway Food, either (but she's almost as old as me and her memory's going almost as fast as mine!)

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Re: turkey legs

Heck, Ya ought to go to any supermarket chain and look in the poultry section…turkey has become very popular as an option to chicken, Kroger’s, Giant Eagle, Shop n’ Save, I never have to look for them.
The bigger stores seem to have all kinds of parts, like turkey wings, Yum!
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Re: turkey legs

yo all y'all,
t-legs are availible at all big chains in st.louis area.
the everyday price is 79-89 cents a lb..
i prefer the one that go about a lb. each.

the 1 1/2 yo 2 lb ones take a long time
to get to eating temperature.

i have them at least once a month.

about once a month they are on sale at 59 cents a lb.
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I always brine legs when doing then up in the smoker
1 lb salt
1 lb brown sugar
1 container of pickling spice

enough water to cover, boil mixture, let cool and add the meat. If there is an orange in the house I will cut up the peelings and add that too.

Tastes awesome
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