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The wedding gift

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I just got married on Aug. 5th and as a wedding gift, my bride got me a Bar-B-Chef offset horizontal smoker - my first. (If you ask me, its a fair trade for the diamond mine on her left hand) After getting back from the honeymoon, I seasoned it up and for my first session (the grill, not her hand) and smoked 12# turkey to near perfection while marinating my own liver with a few beers and keeping the guitar blues flowing all day. And so the addiction begins...
Labor day weekend will be my first all night brisket and I hope to be able to share the progress and get some feedback on my rookie efforts!
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Re: The wedding gift

Marinating your own liver. Now that's funny. :lol: Welcome to SMF. It's a great place to hang out and learn and it sounds like your well on your way.
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Re: The wedding gift


We love pics. If you can post some from your labor day liver pickling, they would be appreciated. Don't forget to check out Jeff's 5-Day E-course on the basics of smoking. Check out all the forums and don't be afraid to ask questions. These folks know smoke.


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Re: The wedding gift

Hmm No idea if that's best way to get a smoker <getting married> But hey, you got one just the same. Welcome to SMF hope you enjoy your stay. Would you have to get married again to get a good digital camera or do you have one of those already? <kidding> We do like pics ..

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Congrats, on both the wedding and getting you smoker...

Grab a cold one, and jump right into the mix here. Looking forward to hearing the adventures of you, your wife and the smoker adjusting to eachother.
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Re: The wedding gift

Welcome, welcome! Glad you found us! This is the place to share the joy of your new addiction with a great bunch of people. Glad to hear the first smoke went so well. I kinda refer to the brisket as "the crown jewel", so do some home work on the technique. If you nail it, there's nothin' better!
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There is a thread in the Beef forum titled Basic Brisket Cook. The opening will give you great advice on how to cook a brisket. Everything I every read, heard about, tried, experimented, dreamed of all boils down to the simple instructions in that post.

here is the link

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BBQblues, My Congrats as well on the Neputials and the smoker. There is a lot of Great folks here that are willing to mentor you and share what they know. Also, check out tulsajeff's 5-day eCourse-good info there as well. Most folks start out with something simple-getting use the the smoker and learning to control the temps. etc. But to each there own and I salute you on your first brisket attempt. Keep us posted on you adventures-!
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