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Choke Cherry

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I have alot of choke cherry bushes where I live and I was wondering if it was good to smoke with. I wanted to ask if any of you guys have used it and if you have what you think of it.
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Crutch, Check out the Sticky in this forum "Woods for Smoking". It states that choke cherry wood can produce a bitter smoke. If you want to try it use it on some meat that you didn't pay an arm and a leg for. Maybe try a whole chicken when you find one on sale.
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Thanks Dutch,
That's good to know. If it's bitter I think I'll just pass on it, I've messed up enough good meat as it is.
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I have uised choke cherry on hamburgers and chicken with good results. What we call choke cherry is a tree, not a bush. Is there a difference .
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Re: Choke Cherry

Yes, there is a choke cherry bush and a choke cherry tree. The tree is dandy for smoking.

I'm sure those that say the bush is no good for cooking are right.
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I've used some choke cherry trees, never herd of a bush.
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