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Hello from Georgia

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Just signed up. I use the char-griller with side firebox and have the GOSM gas smoker.I use both a lot but I'm still in my learning curve and figure to be that way for a while.

Hope to learn and possibly share

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Welcom Alan. You've found a wonderful site for learning and sharing. When my boyfreind and I started we used this site for our main source of info and the folks here never let us down. Look forward to hearing from you in other posts.
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Re: Hello from Georgia

Welcome to SMF Alan. Like Lady J said you've found a wonderfull site for learning and sharing. Check out tulsajeff's Smoking Basics eCourse there is a lot of info there to get you started off right.
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Greetings Alan,
Welcome to the forum. I spent a little over 30 years in Gerogia ... right out side of Atlanta in Covington. What part of Ga. are in?

Glad you found our forum and look forward to your posts and pix.
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Welcome to SMF, bro.
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Re: Hello from Georgia

Hi again

I'm in Brooks.About 30 miles south of Atlanta.One of the few areas not considered a suburb of Atlanta yet and still has a country feel to it.

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OK Alan,
Thanks for the response. It's always good to hear from "home folks." Hope all your smokes are good ones and that you share them with your friends here on the forum.
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Re: Hello from Georgia

Welcome Alan,

I'm also from Georgia, 30 years outside of Atlanta in East Cobb County. Now live in South Florida. I have both of the sme smokers that you do I believe. I have aGOSM gas, and a Char Broil off set. This is a great site to learn and share.

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Interesting! Those are the exact same smokers that I have. I got the wide body GOSM last Christmas and I really like it (it's the stainless steel double walled type). From what I've seen here on the forum they are hard to find now. Anyway, what a coincidence.
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Florida Bill,
I just modified my Char Broil with the baffle and chimney extension yesterday. So I have not used it since the mods. I've always had decent results with it as it came out of the box but always felt that it could be better! Can't wait to try it with the modifications.

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I think you will really like the changed performance of your smoker. Please be sure to let us know how it turns out.
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quite a few Ga. boys here. I was born in collage park, left in 80 to join marines still havent looked back. In cali now. Welcome and teach us well
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