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Ron, you're gonna like it here and that's a promise you can take to the bank. All of your questions can be answered in previous posts. But, most importantly, you can do anything that comes to mind and all we ask is that you share your ideas. That's what we are all about!
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Re: smokin' pre made?

take to 165, slice and eat Ron

I like making fatty burgers on bagels

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Re: smokin' pre made?

Ron, anything that calls for cooked sausage you can use a fattie. You're only limited by your imagination. I'll have to go home and see if I can find my sausage gravy recipe and post it.
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Sage fatty, smoked, crumbled, added to marinara.

Great pasta.

Take a "hot" and chop it up and add to chili.

Maple, they go with anything, although I never added it to anything, since it never makes it to the table :)
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Re: smokin' pre made?

Okay, this is one of my favorite ways to use a fattie. Enjoy!!!


3 tbls melted butter or margarine
1/2 Medium Onion, chopped
2 tbls flour
1 12 ounce can Evaporated Milk, divided
1 4 ounce can mushrooms, drained and coarsely chopped
1/2 of Fattie, crumbled (use more or less to your liking)

In a cast iron skillet, sauté chopped onion in butter until tender-4-5 minutes. Stir in flour and cook together until flour turns a light brown. Stir in half of the evaporated milk, cook and stir until everything thickens up. Stir in remaining milk, the mushrooms and the crumbled fattie. Continue to stir until mixture reaches the consistency that you like. Serve over biscuits or Country Fried Steak.
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Re: smokin' pre made?

I've taken one out of the freezer and sliced it real thin to put on pizza like you would pepperoni. It makes a great pizza topping.
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Re: smokin' pre made?

Hey Dutch,Sunday morning bout 7:30 would be good for me and while your making the gravy Ill fry some taters to go along with it.
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Dang Dutch,
I gotta try that gravy, I'm smoken' some Buckboard this week. Let's see..... bacon, hashbrowns, biscuits and Dutch's gravy. What more could a man ask for.

Have a safe and Happy Thanks Giving guys.

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MMMmmm Lets see you need to add some eggs, fried over easy and some grits then you will have what I like to call the "perfect' breakfast. :D
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Re: smokin' pre made?

Ill tell ya what friends....after readin all these posts, my stomach was a rumblin,mouth waterin...i jumped up...ran to the freezer...grabbed some snausages and chubs(now familar with the temanolgy), fired up the GOSM and let the smoke roll. So in about another 2hrs.....IM EATIN !!!!!
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Hey Ron,

You can get into making sausage relatively cheap with out upsetting the Mrs.

Especially if you have a kitchen aid mixer. There is an attachment that you can add to it in order to stuff sausage. I got one at Best Buy at the "end of season" for $12
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Re: smokin' pre made?

So Todd, How did they turn out? As good as we said? I've posted this elsewhere. I like to grind my own sausage and roll my own fatties. When the local grocery store has a good deal on bulk sweet Italian sausage, I'll buy about 5 pounds or so and take them home and roll them into 1 pound chubs wrap them in plastic and freezer wrap and freeze them. When I know I have a smoke coming up, I'll pull a couple and thaw them in the fridge so they are ready to go into the smoker with all the other good eats. The last time I fired up the smoker I did some of my Wicked Baked Beans, as I wasn't smoking any ribs I smoked a sweet Italian fattie; crumbled it up and added it to the beans.
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Re: smokin' pre made?

They turned out great....absolutly as good as yall said. My pops and I munched on em all day while we were watchin football. Sliced up the fatties and had em w/ cheese and crackers. The skinnys went down like popcorn.....makin them 3 bite snack sticks just to savor the flavor. The (not so) dumb dog even snuck one when my dad wasnt lookin.

Even better yet...on Sunday I woke up kinda early and started to prepare a Deer and a Moose roast.....ive got a few pics of those. Ill tell ya what, I dont think it will be long and I will be sending in my ap for the OTBS those two roasts turned out awesome.

I sure hope your move went well, and ya get settled in quick so ya can fire up that smoker again.
Take care, Todd
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Re: smokin' pre made?

Todd, Fired up the GOSM and did 3 racks of KC Ribs and about 3 pound of boneless beef chunks (the wife said they were "boneless beef ribs"- I'm sorry Dear-if'n they ain't on a rib bone it ain't rib meat!) for the daughters birthday dinner. Used Tulsa Jeffs Nekid Rib rub for all the meat and did the ribs 3-2-1 and the beef chunks 2-2-1 style. MMMMmmmmm talk about melt in your mouth!! Well I woulda posted some pic's but we haven't unpacked the camera equipment yet . :roll:
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I have to tell ya, That gravy is awesom. We tried it a couple of weeks ago with some big ol biscuits. My company was licking the plates. Thanks for posting the recipe.

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Re: smokin' pre made?


I preparing for an all-nighter on friday, and I'll definitely be adding some bacon wrapped skinnies to the list. Nice pictures, keep em coming.
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