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coyote.........sloflo been mia for awhile.........look at the post below yours to see one place.............

we just make boats or canoes...........and lay em flat on the grill...........
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Wife loved the ABTs

We tried the ABTs with sausage and cornbread stuffing. I think the sausage was our favorite. We made a dip out of cream cheese and ranch dressing mix. It really set the ABTs off. I'm thinking of trying a fatty tomorrow. My wife and I blame this forum for all the weight we gain over the memorial day weekend. Happy holiday to y'all.
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Yeah thats what I need. They kindda look like a Mr. Pepper Head with a bacon wig. I have to check out the site for the chili grill now. Thanks.
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Coyote - Punch in 'chile grills' into google and you will get some nice links to order one. I was in a bind on Sun and got a shish-ka-bob kit at Bed-Bath-Beyond. (see pic below) However, I plan to get a grill as some of mine 'flipped' during the smoke and dumped the filling. (one or two)

Bullheadgoat - Welcome to SMF. I missed your intro. My wife says I am gaining weight due to this place, too. I went with cream cheese, shredded cheddar and jeff's rub wrapped in bacon. (mentioned here somewhere)

pic of pick of ABT's...
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Nice looking ABTs Glen!
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Ron, Thanks.

Other comments:
Now that I look again. That bacon (cooked to 'wimpy' beforehand did a nice job holding that filling in on more than a few of them)

ALSO, I would add to rinse them out before stuffing. (the sticky says this by the way) I did not do this and the ends were quite hot. (too much for me actually - I like a decent amount of heat at times)
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this is the reason i boat/canoe them F.I., i can make sure i get ALL the seeds and ribs out
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Roger this. I may go this way next time, too. (no need for support mech either)
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dude..........look at the very FIRST post in this thread........i belive recipes are there
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oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
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Good tips. Thanks. I have already re-named them here for the benefit of my 6 and 5 yr old boys. Cool 4-H project! (former 10 yr member here).

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these things are like crack!!!!!!!
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I like the whole pepper method using a long skinny boning knife to cut the 4 ribs attaching the seeds to the flesh and capping the end with a little bacon. The seeds pop out mostly all together in a pod. The tooth pick through the stem end to hold the bacon allows me to hang them from my rib rack.  I thought the toothpick may tear through after cooking 3 hours but the peppers are plenty strong enough.


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