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Moose rib eye

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Hunting season is closing in. Got a piece of rib eye generously donated by this friend i shot in october

Was in a bit of a hurry though..
Salt pepper thyme and rosemary

I was planning a bit of a reverse sear but ended up with a light smoking session at a whoppin 375 degrees because...well..hungry family and friends. Took it off at 136.. or at least thats what i thought. It felt really soft and after replacing the termometer i found it to be 122. Put it back on to 136. Short rest because...hunger...
Sliced it

Lost quite a lot of juices that i poured on top and they had mixed well with the spices.
Tasted great, so great i forgot the plate photo. Not at all dry which i dreaded with short resting time. Served with sallad, sauce bearnaise and oven baked small potatoes.
Can't wait to shoot another one.
Really like the game red appearance. Goes very well with thyme.
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F, That is some good looking moose,cooked just right for me too ! point

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Bringing back memories now!!!Thumbs Up


I haven't had Moose in about 20 years!!!


Looks Great !!:drool---:points:




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Hi there and welcome!


That's awesome!  I would love to hear about the next moose you take and what you make from it :)

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That looks absolutely delicious!


Nice job!





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That hunk'a meat looks mighty tasty, gimme some french bread or sourdough to soak up all the blood-n-juices.

Point for the wild game.
Originally Posted by Fileip View Post

Got a piece of rib eye generously donated by this friend i shot in october
Also, I'm really sorry to hear about you shooting your friend, since he is giving you moose steaks I take he recovered and forgave you.
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I don't think he has forgiven me yet th_crybaby2.gif
I walk by him every day and say hi but he just stares straight with empty eyes and doesn't say a word....
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