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First Smoke!

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My new Rec Tec arrives tomorrow, so in preparation I applied rub to a seven pound butt, wrapped it in plastic, and put it in the fridge. I made one mistake, I only put mustard on one side of the butt! Hopefully that won't be a problem. The rub stuck to the "dry" side just fine. Will keep you posted as this one progresses.



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Sounds like your ready for some fun!


I don't bother with mustard anymore, the rub will stick to the meat just fine without it.



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Success! After a 12 hour smoke I can't believe how good it came out. Here's the butt after three hours before I wrapped it:



And here's the final result:



Amazing smoky flavor, tender and juicy. 

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Point to you, looks great!
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Yeah, points!

Nice stuff..

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