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My first Beef Jerky

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OK, Here's my first ground beef jerky attempt. Picked to do 2# for two different recipes. One being dirtsailor2003'sThai Jerky recipe and then doing another prepackaged recipe using some Backwoods Hickory mix. Both using cure#1. Mixed up both recipes and let them sit for 24 hours.

Waiting for my jerky gun to arrive I decided to rough it caveman style by laying out paint mixing sticks which are about 1/8" thick onto a large cutting board. Cutting board, sticks, bottom saran wrap, meat, top saran wrap. Rolling pin ready to do it's thing.

Found that our mixing sticks were a little less than 1/8" thick, I added a row of very thin foam tape.

Coming out of the smoker which was 1 hour with no smoke (next time, 30 minutes or less), then 2 hours with smoke. Into the dehydrator.

Total: 3 hours in the smoker. 5-1/2 hours in the dehydrator.

My initial opinion is I liked dirtsailor2003's Thai Jerky more than the premix for his was more flavorful. The other was way too boring, but I know a bunch of fishermen who will kill for any free treats on the boat. The latter was way more tough, to the point it could scrape off of windshields if you lived in Bend, Oregon during the winter.

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Wow Craig, for a first time & with paint sticks, you did an awesome job!


Your gonna love that new jerky gun!





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Thanks Al.  Will say doing the paint stick method is a heck of a lot of work.  According to FedEx tracking my jerky gun is arriving tomorrow.   I learned a lot doing this first time batch.  Need to experiment with a whole bunch more of different recipes, time in the smoker, etc.   I for sure want to try some whole meat such as eye of round.  So much to try and learn, so little time.  It's also nice getting away from smoking fish.  Of course knowing I have two standup freezers full of fish waiting for my attention is not helping...LOL

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That jerky looks great! For a long time I mainly just did ground meat jerky, but with recipes on here, I now do whole muscle and won't look back. Nothing wrong with ground eats just fine, but I like whole muscle way better. Just got done eating a hunk from my last batch.
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Though I just got a jerky gun,  I'm still going to try some whole meat recipes in the near future. 

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Looks tasty Craig.

I'm kit a big fan of the ground jerky. My boys like it .so we get the jerky gun out once or twice a year.

I really prefer the whole muscle stuff. The Thai jerky I now use is our favorite.
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Great looking jerky. Might have even convinced me to try the ground stuff. Points!

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