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Smoking options?

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Ok so here is what I have right now.   I have an old bullet style electric smoker and an 18" Weber kettle.  I live in Rochester NY.  It's winter time.  Since in the dead of summer I can only get the internal temperature inside the electric smoker up to around 225F I am almost certain I will get no wheres near that in the winter,  Would I be correct in my assumption that I could not effectively use that right now?  Would the Weber be able to be used?

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Yes you are correct, you will not get the temp up in the electric.

The kettle is a good option, just put the coals on one side & the meat on the other.

Throw a chunk of wood on the coals & your smoking.

You probably will want to rotate the meat half way thru to get it to cook evenly.

You can regulate the heat with the bottom vent.

Search the BBQ Pit Boys on the web. They do all their smoking on Weber kettles.

Good luck!



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Good to know.  And I do know about the Pit Boys.  They do some crazy stuff but it is all delicious.  Tried a handful of their recipes so far. 

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