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Shirley Smokers vs Lang

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Welp, after months of searching I've finely narrowed down my smoker choices to Lang 48 or Shirley 50 (patio on both). Any input would be appreciated as this is truly a life changing decision.


Either of these would be an up-grade on my Old Country Pecos, but by current future needs are requiring a bit more cowbell.


Again, any advice or input would be greatly appreciated.



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I don't know much about Shirley smokers, but I sure love my Lang!



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Hi you-all.   I just got my new Lang 36 patio, yesterday.   This morning I wiped it all down, inside and out.  Sprayed the inside with PAM cooking oil.   Fired it off with some really dried oak. After firing it up I let it get up to 350 then opened up the doors and brought it down..  Let it work back up to 300 and steam cleaned it.  Then took it back up to 225 and shut the dampers down about half way.  Had a moderate fire in the fire box.  After an hour it was still holding 225.  So I put three fist sized chunks of cherry on top of the coals and let it smoke.  It has been holding 225 all this time.  I started the fire about 9AM, its 2:15 now.   I'm new at this and have never used a stick burner before or one with reverse flow.    I am amazed at how easy it is to maintain 225 over about the last four hours


I would (as you can tell)  Highly recommend the Lang.


Best regards and here's wishing you to have great cookin on which ever one you choose.   



OB One

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