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Hi all,


I'm starting a new offset (non-reverse flow) build, and am getting ready to build my base for my smoker to be supported on, but as a new metal worker, have some questions about the relative strength of 14 gauge 1.5" square tubing.


My CC is 48" long, 20 inch diameter, 1/4 inch thick steel pipe. FB is going to be same material--so, circular, as well, approx 24" in length.


I've found a local supplier with pretty reasonably-priced lengths of 1.5" steel square tubing in a 14 gauge, and I'm wondering if in everyone's experience, that would be a stable and durable material to make the base from.


I'll be laying down 2 x 6' lengths as the base, about 20inches apart (outside measurement), welding 4 legs (3' in length) to those and to the chamber, and I'll add a crossbar as reinforcement on each side of the cooking chamber for the front and back legs. Once I get the FB placed, I'll probably look to add a shorter length  on the far right side, to help with some of that weight as well.


I've seen all sorts of builds with angle iron legs, and even seen some similar materials with 1" square tubing, and some much bigger builds with 2" square (seems like overkill for my setup)--but I've never really considered the gauge that those are, since I've never really been in a position to actually use those materials myself...until now! Any help would be greatly appreciated, and if you see me omitting some serious considerations, please do let me know, this is a learning experience for me and I'm looking to soak up all your thoughts.


Thanks for your help!