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Chubby Cajun

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So, I've been wanting to try Andouille in a fattie for a while now and finally got around to to it last weekend.

Did the roll it in a gallon zip-lock trick to about 3/8" thick (pork sausage only), sprinkled on a little of my smoked Cheddar, then some sauted onion, celery and jalapeno.

Then added some strips of my Andouille with a few spoons of Tony's Red Beans & Rice mix on top.

Rolled it up, wrapped tight as I could and freezered while I did the bacon weave.

Baconed and ready. Too much stuffing as usual..

Smoked with Hickory in a foil pan because I was afraid it would fall apart, but so much grease built in the pan that when it firmed up I took it out and let it drip. The bottom of my smoker is rust free 😊
I figured it was done when the Maverick in one end read 160. The bacon wasn't crisp but was a nice brown "done" color.

Had a bit of a blowout but happy happy!

Add a couple chunks of Mary Lou's excellent cornbread and what a dinner!!
I had it 2 nights for dinner and lunch today. The Mrs doesn't care much for Andouille, so I had to eat most of it myself biggrin.gif
Thanks for looking!
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Looks great!

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Looks and sounds tasty!drool.gif
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Nice fattie

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That looks great.    Well done.





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SM, tasty looking fatty sir !

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Looks great Dan!


I usually put hot dogs in mine, but the next one will get Andouille.





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Ummm....looks real good!!!




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Thank you all for the praise & points! Fatties are just too much fun! I plan on doing more.
I showed SWMBO GaryHibbert's cheeseburger fatties from a few days ago and it's been decreed that a cheeseburger fattie is next in line 😊


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Absolutely brilliant, Dan! This definitely deserves points!



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Thanks, Disco! Not so brilliant, just an idea I've been kicking around and finally got around to.

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That looks GOOD!
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