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I have a stuffer from Cabelas. It's wonderful. But overkill because of capacity.  My dear wife gave it to me for Christmas. It's solid and sure to be passed down to one of my sons.

Here it is. B

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Originally Posted by dannylang View Post

i did not even pay that much attention to it, really i read what you said, but did not really understand until i bought one. live and learn

Danny since you have your stuffer (you haven't told us what you have but its not pushing meat all the way out) let's make what you have work.

Bread, that's gonna get that sticky mess of meat out of the buy the cheapest bread($.0.89 here) and put the loaf in there, crank the handle down. Stop when bread comes out.

Done. Clean out bread mess, water works great.
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Dirtsailor has the trick there... I haven't used it to stuff (I don't have the horn type like you), but I use it to grind and push the last of the meat out
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about all you can do is dig the meat out and make a patty and eat it that way

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i have tried the bread trick, i fold it to fill the opening, then i crank the handle and nothing happens. i guess i will be frying the rest, it makes about 2 full patties of meat, thats a lot of waste, but it is good in the frying pan.


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