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Howdy from S Fla

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Hey Guys, Its time to say Hi. Im down in S Fla and Ive taken up smoking meats. I want to up front say that the Vegan/Vegetarian couple that lives next door had nothing to do with my taking up this endeavor, after all how can I be at fault for which way the wind blows:wife:


Im to the point Im experimenting with woods , Im thinking of getting a pellet smoker and Im reading the reviews here to help in the choosing.

Thanks for all the advice.



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Hello and  :welcome1:  to you.

Glad you're here.

Thank your lucky star for the tegevarians, they leave the

good stuff alone and I'll leave their veggies alone.

Course you could smoke them some veggies,

get 'em started in the right direction.

Have fun with it and remember, pictures of your smokes

are good things.



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Welcome to SMF!


Glad to have you aboard!


We are having a gathering in Nov., you could meet some of the other smokers in FL.



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Welcome from Delray Beach, Fl.
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