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2016 South Florida Gathering (6th Annual) November 4th-6th

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It's that time again folks! South Florida Gathering! We are going to do it November 4th-6th! You of course can stay longer or shorter but these are the official days. As the past attendees know the party goes one before and after haha.


Demos and Activities

Cold Smoking - Doug Mays will show how to use the A-Maze-N smokers provided by @TJohnson and smoke some cheese over night

Tumbler Vacuum Sealer - Steve (around 3pm Friday)

Sous Vide Cooking - Jeramy


Attendees (Work in Progress)

Forum Member # of guests Site Notes
@carol506 1 89 Brisket and Chili
@dougmays   80/88  
@jarjarchef 2 132  
@EGA-Q   81  
@nimrod 1 138  
@Tiki Guy 1 78 Sat-Sun
@FloridaSteve   89 (Camping) Thur-Sat, Turkey and Scalloped Potatos
@SmokinAl 1 Saturday  
Friday Only  
@bobcats110   Saturday  
@JckDanls 07 1 87 Thur-Sun


Menus (work in progress)

Note: "lunches" are generally just snacks because the breakfasts and dinners are relatively large. Also your welcome to participate or not participate in any of the meals as well as eat on your own if you'd prefer. Everything here is optional. 

Thursday Dinner - 

@carol506 - Chili

@dougmays - Hot dogs and Buns

@FloridaSteve - Chicken Legs

Friday Breakfast - 

Friday Dinner - 

@carol506 - Brisket   

@JckDanls 07 - Maple Bourbon Ham
@FloridaSteve - Marinated Pork Loin

Saturday Breakfast - 

Saturday Dinner (The Big One) - 

@SmokinAl - Brisket Chili

@FloridaSteve - Turkey and Potatoes 

@dougmays - Chipotle Coleslaw

@jarjarchef - Sous Vide Brisket


Sunday Breakfast - 

Sunday Mid-day (for anyone still around)



For anyone who is new....its not required to camp near us...some people like privacy:) Just letting you know the general area we'll be in for the festivities.


Official Information:

Dates: November 4th-6th


Highlands Hammock Park
5931 Hammock Road
Sebring, Florida 33872
(863) 386-6094



Saturday is usually our "Main Day"..where we do most of the cooking, conversating, hangout, etc. MORE INFO TO BE PUT HERE


Calling past attendees (if i forgot someone i'm sorry i'm in a rush here to run some errands): @SmokinAl @Rubbin Butts @OrlandoSmoKing @JckDanls 07 @Sota D @nimrod @jarjarchef @carol506 @nepas @FloridaSteve @EGA-Q @Rob63 @Van Holton @Tiki Guy



If anyone has any questions please post up here! I"ll be checking back later tonight and i'm sure some of returnees can provide information as well!


Looking forward to another great year!


Just for reference...here is an example of our sites from last year just to give you an idea of the Gathering Site. Feel free to book anything around here. 

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We just booked 89. Looking forward to seeing everyone again.
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I'm all signed up from Thur. (3rd)- Sun. (6th).. even though we just got back from N. Fl. ... I was just wondering if it's Nov. yet ?? will be good to see everybody and hopefully some new people ...

PS. We can't stress enough how important it is to make reservations early as sites do not last long even if not our own gang ... I believe cancellation is fairly inexpensive if for some reason you can't make it ... but also there have been times when a member has taken the reservation from a person that has to cancel...
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We are in and will make reservations tonight. Sorry we couldn't make the n Fla gathering. Looking forward to this!
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Book 'em up folks! Gonna be another good year!
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More info and updates tomorrow... Sorry it's been a busy day for me and wanted to check in before hitting the hay
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Dad and I are in 132. I check in on Thursday and out on Monday. Dad says he will be there on Friday and leave Sunday. Unless something changes drastically, we should be in the Taj Mahal of tents again. Not that it sucked, but hoping for a change, so Charlyn will come (If classes load will allow it with 2 majors and a minor now).

I liked last years format with little to no competition or sausage production. What little there was, was more educational than "work". Even Kieth got to have a beverage and laugh a bit.
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Judy & I will stop by for sure on Saturday. We both work weekends, morning & night, but are free during the day.

Looking forward to seeing some old friends & meeting some new ones.



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I am in with site 81 (tent) arriving on the 4th and heading out on the 6th. It will be just me for now had fun last year and looking forward to the fun for this year! :yahoo:

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We're in again this year! Site 138 Friday & Saturday.

Looking forward to seeing everyone again this year.


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You guys are great! Never seen sign ups this quickly! Looking forward to seeing old friends again and meeting new ones. Can't wait for you to see how far its come @SmokinAl


I've had a crazy busy week with work and also prepping for Pinellas County Pepperfest this weekend. I full expect to see @JckDanls 07 and @Tiki Guy there! And anyone else that lives in the area that i may have forgotten your locale.


Last year, unfortunately,  @TJohnson from A-Maze-N smokers donated alot of cool stuff that arrived at my house right after i left for the gathering so i wasnt able to bring them for give-a-ways. On top of that i feel like we've given them away in the past and now really shown anyone how to use them. So i'm going to do a A-Maze-N Smoker demo (probably some cheese is the weather is cool) before we give them away :)


More to come folks...

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We are really looking forward to this after having to cancel out last minuet so as soon as we can ....I'll book a site ! 


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Doug... unfortunately I'm working this wknd... so with that.. give em hell brother ...
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BOOKED ! Site #78 Tiki Guy & Mrs. Tiki GUy
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Originally Posted by JckDanls 07 View Post

Doug... unfortunately I'm working this wknd... so with that.. give em hell brother ...

Ah man!!! You can't miss a SFG Keith! Need me to call the boss? Need us all to go there on Friday and get all the work done for ya haha

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Doug, I'm pretty sure Keith was talking about having to work the weekend of the Pinellas pepperfest.

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Ahhhhhhh haha! Missed the timestamp! Gave me a little heart attack for a second

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LOL.. yea.. was referring to the pepperfest...
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giving this a bump... c'mon y'all... new members and old... get signed up for a good time and some great food ... meet some great people and make new friends ...
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 I bought my first smoker to just smoke the fish I caught, that was I wanted it for. Then I tried some smoking some ribs, then a smoked pulled pork. After last year's S Florida Gathering, I took Don's advise and smoked some cheese at the first big cold front we had. The cheese  turned out so good I did it again at the next cold front. Wow what a great taste! From all the sausage making info I gathered at the event I finally decided to get off the dime and give it a try. I made the best bratwurst, you taught me how to make smoked meat sticks, Jeremy shared so much info that I left with the knowledge of a seasoned pro. Doug is so into smoking that he can inspire anyone to give it a try. Recently I picked up a electric meat grinder, a slicer and a snack stick sized tip for the stuffer. I'm loving it!  

 All this circles back to attending the gathering, the gathering has really inspired me to try more smoker ideas. So with that, everyone needs to attend the South Florida Gathering to get inspired, meet new friends and have a great time and enjoy some of the best foods ever! I have introduced a few friends to backyard smoking, they have passed it on to their friends & family.

 Don't think this event is just for the seasoned pros, don't hesitate to come out for the weekend or just for the day!

 Looking forward to the next gathering in November.


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