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Rubs and bbq sauce

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Ok so here is my question to all the big time cooks that do it for a living. Like Jeff's rubs and bbq sauce. Anyone else out there that sell there recipes for there good rubs and sauces? Just wondering who else is willing to do it on their website. I know everyone has their best rubs and sauce. I also know its hard to give out something that helps you win competition smokes. Just tired of the store bought stuff and looking for good rubs and sauces to make my dinners even better. So I can't wait to see how this goes.
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The internet is full of rub & sauce recipes.


It all comes down to your own taste.


I think Jeff's recipes are a great place to start, then tweak them to your own taste.



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Thanks for the reply Al.
When I get on the Internet. Time flies by. I spend hours on it when I start searching things. So I limit myself now a days. Otherwise my better half start to get frustrated with me and I try not to get her mad. I do that in other ways. Lol.
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There are a few folks on the forum that have shared their rubs.

I found all of these looking thru the search section. I searched "rub" then look at just the article results.

Hope this helps.
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Thank you for the info
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Aaron franking has a pretty good video on the basics  of bbq rubs 


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