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Grinder parts...?

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I picked up this Enterprise #12 grinder for $50.00. So I'm not out much if i cant find replacement parts. You can see in the first pic, that the head has suffered a traumatic injury. Someone welded it, but not very well.

The second pic shows the crack on the inside. No way would i attempt to use it in its current condition. There would be know way to easily clean it.

So, anyone know where to get parts for this? Any help will be greatly appreciated. icon14.gif

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If the replacement part can't be found, You might consider taking it to a machine shop for an estimate to repair it. Some of the fab shops here produce work that is amazing. I hope you can get it back to work !
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Thats a option.icon14.gif. Might not be so cost effective though.

I'm sure i can sell it for the $50.00 I've got into it. Really don't need it, I've got a #22 and a 32. Although i am looking for a decent newer #8 or 12 to keep at home.
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