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Made some Thai jerky

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Dirtsailor2003 made some Thai jerky at one point and I've wanted to try it since.

I started the process on Saturday and didn't smoke/dry until yesterday. Yep, it sat in the juice for 5 days!

I used the base recipe from here:

I also added cure and almost doubled the white pepper to give it a kick. After the pieces came out of the curing juice, I also added cracked black pepper to the pieces before smoking them. I smoked the pieces at 130 for 3 hours with cherry pellets and then let the smoker run at 140 until 6:00 AM this morning. A total smoke/dry time of around 10 hours.

I didn't take a lot of pictures for this one since we are having a turnaround here at the plant and I'm on 12s 7 days a week through this Sunday, but the few I did get should show that it turned out perfectly for me!

Driving in to work this morning I had a piece and noticed that it looked pretty neat when I held it up to the rising sun.

The next 2 were taken at my desk before our safety meeting this morning. I think I have 2 pieces left out of 1.5 total pounds!

The flavor isn't something that I can readily describe. There is NO hint of the fish sauce smell, the flavor is very nice and the pepper is about perfect for what me and my Maintenance guys like. The cherry smoke put it over the top!

I'll be doing this again ASAP!

Thanks for the recipe and the chat about it Case!
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Looks great CB!


I can't keep it stock. I could smoke an entire cow of it and it'd be gone. Sometimes simple is best!
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It sure looks delicious from here!

I'm not a big jerky fan, but the recipe sounds like something I would like too.

I may have to try it.


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Originally Posted by dirtsailor2003 View Post

Looks great CB!


I can't keep it stock. I could smoke an entire cow of it and it'd be gone. Sometimes simple is best!

You aren't kidding about simple and VERY good eating.  I made this batch from pork and everyone raved about it.  Looks like I'll be doing it again starting late next week.

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This is my go to and favorite tasting jerky, period! I've made a ton so far and I no longer waste the vac bags, I just put the finished batch into a 2 gallon ziplock bags. Then into the freezer and take a handful out ever so often to eat. Only take a short period (30min) to thaw out......take less time to eat eat! 

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Sounds great, I am going to put this on my list. Thanks!


Be safe during your TA! We are currently planning a granddaddy TA next spring.

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Awesome CB ! I keep sayin I gotta make some of this !
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Another one going on my list. Looks Good   ---   Points



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Looks like great jerky, Cranky!



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CB, Looks excellent, I like the jerky in the window photo! :icon_biggrin:

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