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Labor Day Pork Shoulder Butt

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Got a little over 8lb pork shoulder butt and cut off the excess fat. I've never done that before but read here that it's good to do in a MES. I still put it in "fat" side down and didn't rotate, spray, or even put water in the pan like I used to do on my Brinkmann Trailmaster Limited Edition.I started at midnight with the 2 hours/pound in mind give or take and since I haven't got the mailbox mod setup, I got up every hour for the first 4 hours to add chips for smoke and decided sleeping a little longer sounded like a better idea. When I got up at 8, I was able to apply more chips. 


Just put it in the smoker and added chips:



Right before wrapping in foil:


After being wrapped in a towel and resting in a cooler:


Always leave some for leftovers:


Came out nicely! I don't like mixing in sauce with my pulled pork but keep a few different ones on hand to let guests choose their own. I like to make sliders using Hawaiian rolls. 

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Looks delicious!


Great job!


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