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Göteborgs Sausage

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Made some Göteborgs sausage using Ragnars recipe, only modification was that I used Cultured dry buttermilk instead of Fermento and IPA instead of water.

It was a great success, to date I have made 40 lbs of this sausage.


10 lbs. of ground pork butt.


Mixed with cure and spices.


Stuffed, resting for 24 hrs. before smoking.


Smoked for 15 hrs with apple pellets to 150F internal temp.


The finished product. 

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Looks tasty!

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8x, Nice looking sausage !

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Very nice!!!



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Great looking sausage!

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Very nice sausage and one that LOVES to be experimented with, as you have.


Nice work.

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That do look nice.



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Oh but that looks to be some good sausages! Good job!
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That looks really good.... Nice job.............Thumbs Up





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Super sausage, Sir!



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