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First smoke in MES 40

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So this is my first Q-view ever on SMF.....might actually be my first post ever come to think of it but not sure. Havent been in the smoking game for about a month. Kinda embarrassing but my MES 30 that the wife bought me for a wedding present 4 years ago had a fire after smoking some beef ribs and ruined it. Hope its not a bad sign for our marriage! 😂 I liked the electric smoker and the MES had held up well until that point so I wanted to stick with that but maybe upsize a bit. Researched on the internet and I liked the the MES 40 but i didn't like the glass window on the front. I smoke year round and felt I would be loosing a lot of heat that way. I finally found what I was looking for at Cabela's. They had a 40 in smoker built for them by Masterbuilt and it doesnt have the window on the door....the only one I could find without it! Cabela's bucks knocked down the price a bit
Seasoned the other day at 275 with cooking oil and pecan smoke for 3 hrs

Rubbed the butt last night with yellow mustard and my homemade spice rub. Skipped injecting it because I was tired and hit the bed early. Wrapped in plastic wrap and into the fridge overnight. Fired up the smoker this morning to 240 deg and started the smoke with pecan chips
This is the butt at 6 hrs. No water in the pan and top vent all the way open. I prefer to cook without foiling but in more of a hurry today so 6 hrs of smoke and then the foil
Hate to ruin that bark. It tasted great! Temp was 156 deg
Its back in the smoker now. Will put a temp probe in it in a couple hours. Now to make the coleslaw to go with it!!

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Boy it sure looks good so far!



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Great Start Deernutz!!:drool


Be Back!





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Pulled of the smoker at a little over 200 deg. Rested under towels for about 40 min. Bone slid out like butter and pulls nicely

The finished product with Carolina BBQ sauce and homemade Memphis style coleslaw. Autumn Ale from the best (in my opinion) brewery; Short's Brewing Company

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Looks Great, Deernutz!!:drool----:points:


Beautiful Sammy!!!:drool


Keep up the Good Work!!Thumbs Up


Here's some other things you can do with that MES 40:

Just click on "Bear's Step by Steps".




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That butt looks beautiful.  And the PP turned out great.  Nice job all around.







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Thanks for the good words everyone and thanks a TON for the link. What a wealth of info!

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