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Steaks, Tators and Corn

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Had a couple twice baked potatoes in cast iron pans and a few cobs of corn on the grill.

Then seared a couple of seasoned up chuck eye steaks directly over the coals.

Before everything was taken of the grill added some shredded cheddar cheese and bacon bits to the twice baked potatoes.

Bon Appétit!

Thanks for looking!
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Nicely done!!


I like those cast iron pans for the taters.

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Awesome Plate Marty!!:drool----:points:


Those last two Pics are Just what the Dr ordered!!!Thumbs Up



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It must be tough eating all that steak! Not to mention those tasty taters!! It looks great!drool.gif
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Looks mighty fine!!

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Dang it man! Your talking my language. Very nice!


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Perfect meal Marty, it all looks awesome ! icon14.gif
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That there is one delicious looking meal!


Nice job!



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Point worthy!
That's perfection there icon14.gif
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